Doctor Who “Paradise Towers Part 4”

While it is always good for the Doctor to show up somewhere, helping out and saving lives, I think it’s important to remember for the final time…


I mean, Mel did have to go swimming in that pool.  I’m not sure where her bathing suit came from, but here we are.  And yes, there’s a giant robo-crab in there, but Mel shoots it with one of Pex’s guns when he freezes up.

It’s not like that with the Doctor since the Kangs free him rather easily from the Cleaners.  Besides, the real problem is the Architect Kroagnon put his consciousness into the body of the dead Chief Caretaker, and that guy loved his designs so much but hates that people live there, so that’s why the machines keep killing everyone.

The only thing left to do is for the Doctor to get up to the pool with the Kangs and hook up with Mel and Pex (who the Kangs tease mercilessly for cowardice).  And since the robots are killing everyone, the Rezzies and the Caretakers soon come along and everyone makes nice because nothing brings people together like a common enemy.  The Caretakers have explosives, the Kangs have crossbows to shoot them with, and the Rezzies have knitting to distract the robots.  Really, this is as much as the budget would allow for this show, even if it does look like at most two dozen people still live in the Towers.

Plus, the Doctor has a plan to blow up the Architect if Pex can be brave long enough to bring the zombie man to a special door.  And when he has to, Pex does save the day by blowing himself up and taking Kroagnon with him.  Turns out it’s easy to taunt a megalomaniac, too.

So, everyone mourns for Pex, the Doctor and Mel leave, and someone needs to remind that screaming redhead where the pool in the TARDIS is.

No, I am not letting that go.

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