Doom Patrol “Pain Patrol”

In the original story, Redjac was some kind of reality-altering entity that claimed to be both Jack the Ripper and God.  Here, in the TV version, he’s an other-dimensional entity that seems to mostly feed off pain in the form of butterflies.

Regardless, he has Larry.

As a boy, Niles Caulder witnessed Jack’s handiwork on a poor woman who, once stabbed, had a swarm of butterflies fly out of her back.  Jack was…I dunno, impressed with the kid.  The point is, he has Larry now, and while normally we could expect Cliff and Jane to maybe help out, Cliff is still mad at the Chief for what happened, and Jane for once wants to go with Cliff, so they take off, leaving Rita as the Chief’s only back-up for the mission to rescue Larry before all three of them are transformed into butterflies.

Or the Chief accepts Jack’s offer to be Jack’s new immortal apprentice.  Yeah, the Chief may be looking for more immortality to keep an eye on Dorothy (who accidentally breaks Danny the Brick), but even amoral scientists have their limits.

Granted, if he were back at Stately Doom Manor, he might have a better idea about what else was going on.  Like Vic had a one night stand with new friend Roni, so I guess Vic is more…intact in some places than I thought he was.  Likewise, Cliff takes the team bus to finally tell his daughter he’s still alive.  Jane goes with, but she’s in an intervention inside her own head with the rest of her alters who think hanging around with the Doom Patrol and having outside friends is a bad thing for the main Kay persona and maybe one of the others should become primary.

I did like how when Jane threatened to leave, she was threatened in turn by the chainsaw nun.  We should all worry about chainsaw nuns.

Of course, much about what makes Doom Patrol as a series work is how the show has the characters working to be better people even if they often fail.  Vic gets a date with Roni, only she doesn’t show up and instead forwards a criminal record to the closest the group has a real superhero (you know, Vic).  Cliff does finally talk to his daughter as she’s getting ready to have a baby shower, but it’s all sweaty desperation and she calls the cops on him.  But it turns out the cops mostly feel bad for Cliff and just watch him as he smashes the bus a bit and mopes on the roof.  Rita finds the strength to free Larry from some shackles while Larry remembers his first days in the manor (turns out Rita was the Chief’s first “patient”).  And the Chief stabs Jack in the neck, killing him while Rita and Larry free every butterfly they can find.  So, really, all attempts to become better people.

And not entirely successful either.  Vic is hurt, Cliff is hurt, and even if the Chief can repair Danny, that doesn’t mean Dorothy still isn’t’ a handful.

Oh, and Jane got locked up by the other personalities.

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