Doctor Who “The Trial Of A Time Lord: The Mysterious Planet Part 3”

Man, is this show being meta when the Doctor asks if the scenes he isn’t around for are really necessary in the courtroom scenes?  Sure, part of that questioning is to explain how the martrix got footage of events the Doctor wasn’t present for, but it does seem a bit much to have characters openly question how much we need to see of various side plots in any given serial.

Never mind, the Doctor is still on trial for his life.

Since the Doctor and the Valeyard are still arguing over, well, whatever is going on in front of the other Time Lords, what is next in the story-within-the-story?  Well, Peri, Glitz, and Dibbler ran into the Doctor and his new friend from underground Balazar, but then the group got stuck between the hunter-gatherer types from the surface and the stupid-looking robot from underground.

And it turns out Balazar knew one of the tribesman and had him shoot out the robot.  That means everyone is now Katryca’s prisoners though it works out for Balazar since he can just join the tribe.  Katryca knows Glitz isn’t trustworthy, and even though the Doctor is telling the truth about repairing the antenna Glitz and Dibbler destroyed, he is still a big question mark for her and nobody gets black light.  Apparently, black light does more than make posters glow funky colors.  It can also be used to run underground robots…or explode if you do something stupid to the antenna.  Sure, the Doctor would like to fix it, but the tribe has a religious commandment against space travel, so the Doctor and Peri are locked up with Glitz and Dibbler in the same hut as before.

And then the robot comes back to take the Doctor because the Immortal wants him back to finish the repair job.

Now, the Doctor had tried to explain that the Immortal was a robot, but the tribe didn’t care until they managed to shoot up the stupid-looking robot a second time as it dragged the Doctor away.  Thinking they destroyed the Immortal, they all went underground to plunder.

Of course, the black light generator might still explode, so the Doctor and Peri have to go in after them.  Plus, the Immortal looks a lot more dangerous.

Bad news then that the Doctor and Peri are cornered by a security agent for the underground whose in enough trouble on his own anyway.

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