Doctor Who “The Trial Of A Time Lord: The Mysterious Planet Part 2”

Well, the Doctor is on trial for…reasons.

That Valeyard guy really has it in for him.

I mean, why else would he want the Doctor to face the death penalty?  The other Time Lords…wait, is the Valeyard a Time Lord?…seem less inclined to do that at least as a first resort.  Maybe a last resort if and when the Doctor is found guilty of whatever crime he’s accused of.  Something about genocide and interfering with other cultures.

Yeah, he’s been doing that latter one since the show started.  Are they only going after him for that now?

Never mind.  What did he do on the mysterious planet that used to be Earth?  Well, good news:  he survived the stoning.  Since he said as much as the end of the previous episode, that isn’t that surprising.  Before the people under the ground could finish him off, some guards showed up because the Doctor has to go to see the Immortal, the never-seen being who runs things underground.

The Immortal is a robot.  He wants the Doctor to repair some stuff down there.  Nobody knows the Immortal’s secret except his two assistants, and the Doctor points out that, well, he can’t fix anything from where he is, and eventually, he manages to escape, even evading the service robot outside that somehow looks more clumsy than a Dalek.

As for Peri, she got captured by the people above ground.  Good news:  their leader, Katryca, seems like a friendly enough woman.  Bad news:  she wants Peri to take 22 or so husbands.  All at the same time.  Peri is…not interested, so she gets tossed in a hut with Sabalom Glitz and Glitz’s assistant Dibbler.  Those three manage to escape, and Glitz, a mercenary for hire, has a job:  destroy a black light generator so he can take that robot Immortal to whoever hired him.  Of course, the process to do that would poison everyone underground, and Peri isn’t a fan of that.

Well, to make things more or less complicated, the Doctor gets above ground and finds Peri and Glitz, but then they have to make a run from it from the villagers, and heading underground, they find the villagers on one side and the clumsy-looking robot on the other.

And somehow, all this put the Doctor on trial?  There better be a good explanation for all this!

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