YouTube Selection: Screened Looks At The Work Of Denis Villeneuve

One of the downsides of the pandemic (and there are many) is the way so many big movies have been pushed back.  December was going to see the debut of the next Denis Villeneuve movie, an adaptation of Dune.  I read the novel once, and I didn’t care much for it.  Lots of people thinking what other people were thinking while also thinking those people were aware that others were thinking about what they were thinking.

It says a lot about my respect for Villeneuve’s work that I really wanted to see a movie based on a property I didn’t care for.  YouTube channel Screened has some thoughts on how the man tells his stories.

Like all directors, Villeneuve has a way of telling stories.  Screened likes to look at how movies tell stories, and since the narrator on Screened is a French Canadian like Villeneuve, it only made sense for the narrator to look at the man’s work.   So, see below to find out what they have to say about the whole thing.

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