Doom Patrol “Tyme Patrol

Now this is just what I was waiting for with this show’s return:  a series full of damaged people, feeling terrible about themselves, and the downright weird and surreal adversaries they keep running into.

The main issue is the need to somehow make it so the Chief can life longer because, well, his potentially world-destroying daughter Dorothy hasn’t aged much at all in about a century’s worth of life.  Last season, it did come out that the Chief set up these accidents in order to see which method of immortality worked best, and Cliff for one isn’t over that yet.

The others?  They’re a bit all over the map except for Vic who took himself to a support group and met a love interest there.

As it stands, Larry has his own issues, namely his older son’s funeral and a meeting with his younger son who is now physically older than he is.

Rita meanwhile wants to be a hero and Jane wants to help the Chief because the Chief is the one person who can help her.  Cliff would just assume let the man die, but then Rita learns of one Dr. Tyme, an early supervillain with access to a unique mineral that came from space and allows for the control of time.  The Chief does know how to get to this guy, but no one who went after Tyme in the past ever came back.  And so, since the Chief doesn’t want the team to go, and Cliff won’t do what the Chief wants, Cliff will go too.

After he embarrasses himself because to get there, you have to say what you were doing at a specific date and time, and unlike the women, what Cliff was doing was a bit…embarrassing.

And then it turns out Dr. Tyme is just running a giant, never-ending roller disco party, and Rita gets to dance with the guy who can freeze people in time.  If she can get the helmet off, everything works out fine.

You know, until Cliff loses his patience and smashes the turntable and Rita grabs the helmet…only it’s his head and Tyme dies.  Plus, Cliff and Jane freeze in place when they touch the thing and relive horrible memories.

Rita can turn time back.  See, Tyme’s face is a giant clock, so she just turns the hands back and resets everything.  And then Tyme kicks the three of them out of his party because they’re all major downers.

So, nothing there aside from Jane deciding to let original primary Miranda maybe take over.

Oh, and Larry got captured by a swarm of butterflies.

Only this show, man.

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