Doctor Who “Revelation Of The Daleks Part 2”

Well, when you need to stop some Daleks, sometimes you call for the most unexpected help.

Seriously unexpected.

After the Doctor is not crushed to death by a giant rock, he wants to speak to the management to find out why he has a stone memorial when he’s, well, not dead.  And he does learn a few things.  See, the place is set up to give the terminally ill a place to stay in suspended animation, and the DJ is there to entertain them as they sleep.  Is he entertaining?  I dunno, but Peri thinks so and wants to meet him.  The Doctor just wants to meet the Great Healer.

Of course, the Great Healer is Davros.  The Doctor is captured and the truth comes out.  The patients aren’t being healed.  The smart ones are turned into new Daleks, loyal to Davros.  The rest become food.

Um, ew.

As it is, there are a few allies to help.  The merc sent to kill Davros is an honorable man who wants back into his order of knighthood.  He also brought a squire.  The friend of the Doctor’s who died, his daughter and her friend are in the same dungeon the Doctor got tossed into.  And the DJ will actually fight back with the literal power of rock’n’roll for Peri when he finds out that, as an American, and as he patterned his act on American DJs, that she’s an actual fan.

So, how does it all go down?  Well, the Doctor escapes with the other two and meet the merc and the squire.  They split up to defeat the new lines of Daleks.  Meanwhile, the Doctor warns Peri to warn people off-world, but that doesn’t work out.  The DJ goes down after blasting some folks with rock, and the two prisoners the Doctor released likewise don’t make it.  The merc and the Doctor do get to Davros, but they’re captured.  The squire does well by shooting Davros’s one good hand off, but then he dies.  Can anyone stop Davros and his new breed of Daleks?

Uh, yeah.  The other people in the facility contact the rest of the Daleks, and they don’t like competition.  They show up to take Davros back to Skaro to stand trial, killing all of Davros’s new Daleks in the process.  The Daleks don’t even recognize the Doctor since he has a new face.

So, the Daleks…actually helped.

Granted, the Doctor and the merc still need to blow up Davros’s lab to take out the rest of Davros’s new Daleks.  The merc stays behind to make sure the bomb goes off, and everyone else scrambles away as the Daleks take Davros away.

So, that was something.  Where will the Doctor and Peri go next?  I dunno.  This was the season finale and the BBC tried to cancel the show, putting it on hiatus for a full year before coming back with a very ambitious plan for the following season, the Sixth Doctor’s last.


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