Locke & Key “Echoes”

OK, we’re nearly at the end of season one, and while I have the knowledge of how the comics went, not everyone who has watched the series probably read those, so here we are.

Essentially, two things happen in this episode.  First, Kinsey’s fear attacks a cranky classmate, so she and Tyler opt to come clean to their friends about the keys and all.  And…their friends are largely impressed even if Tyler has to use the Matchstick Key on a library book to prove it.

But the rest of the episode is all about poor Ellie Whedon, the high school gym teacher who never got over her high school boyfriend Dodge becoming possessed by a demon bullet when she, Rendell, and their friends opened the Omega Door to see what was on the other side.  Dodge got hit with something and later went berserk looking for the Omega Key, killing some of their friend group until Rendell put his best friend down like a dog.  Duncan saw, so they removed his memories.  And since Kinsey is on to Ellie, we see how she inadvertently brought back the evil Dodge, that he has the Identity Key to change his appearance at will, and since he’s dead, shooting him doesn’t do anything.

Granted, he also has the Crown of Shadows and demands the Shadow Key to work it.  Lucas makes an effective hostage, forcing Ellie to do what Dodge wants, though Dodge does get out for a little murder now and then, such as when Joe Ridgeway saw too much, and Dodge got out of that house just ahead of Nina Locke’s visit.

Really, there’s some good information here, even if the season is winding down.  And since Ellie is now willing to help the Lockes, maybe they can do something about Dodge.

You know, unless Dodge smacks Lucas around and steals the Shadow Key from Ellie when she gets home.

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