YouTube Selection: CineFix Picks The Best Cinematic Leaders

The YouTube channel CineFix puts up Top Ten movie lists from time to time.  I tend to like them because, unlike other such lists, the movies aren’t just something like 9 recent American movies and one all-time classic.

They do something different, and their latest is the top cinematic leaders on film.

See, CineFix doesn’t just list ten movies.  It divides the lists into ten categories.  Yes, the #1 slot is reserved for their personal favorite, but all the others listed will be subdivided.  In this case, you get categories like an inspirational leader, a humble leader, someone who can gather allies, the one who won’t quit, and so forth.  And for each, CineFix offers a good three or four good suggestions to check out, so their top ten lists could have somewhere in the neighborhood of forty to fifty movie suggestions, and they don’t limit their suggestions to recent American flicks.  Check it out below, and yes, there’s a Chadwick Boseman tribute in there, but Black Panther is not #1,

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