Doctor Who “The Two Doctors Part 3”

Well, this is it for the Second Doctor…sort of.

Truthfully, much of The Two Doctors was a little bit disappointing since the Second Doctor, still my personal favorite, didn’t even do all that much.  There was a moment here when Chessene, wanting the captured Time Lord to be more of a mate/companion, has Dastari inject the Second Doctor with Androgum DNA, temporarily turning the Second Doctor into one, and then he and Shockeye head out to a nearby city and eat out an entire restaurant.  And since that basically means the Doctor gets some facial moles and bushy orange eyebrows, then we finally see some of Patrick Troughton’s delightfully goofy comedic style as the Doctor.

But the Second Doctor was rarely much of a physical threat to anyone.  The Sixth manages, even killing Shockeye by the end of the serial, but not the Second.  It helps here that the Androgums and the Sontarans distrust each other and end up trying to take each other out, that the Sixth Doctor rigged the make-shift TARDIS to explode, much to the Second’s approval, and that Jamie is pretty good with the knife he keeps in his boot.  The Second Doctor wasn’t a fighter, but that was one of the reasons he kept Jamie around.  That and Jamie is the kind of guy who gets along with everybody, so while the two Doctors, when they do meet, squabble as the Doctor always does when he meets another incarnation of himself, Jamie gets along with both Doctors and Peri just fine.

And really, it was something of a so-so send-off to the Second Doctor.  Granted, no one knew that at the time, and there may have even been talk to replace Colin Baker with Patrick Troughton when the BBC unceremoniously fired Baker after his second full season of Doctor Who, and the big reason that didn’t come to pass was Troughton’s death.  He had a heart attack while attending a fan convention, years of overexerting himself and a heart condition doing him in mere days after his 67th birthday.  Would I have liked to have seen him in something that didn’t feature villains as ultimately pathetic as the Androgums?  Oh yeah, but it was always nice to see him and this time he brought Jamie along.

But this wasn’t the end for Frazer Hines as Jamie.  Sure, Jamie hasn’t reappeared on the TV version of Doctor Who since The Two Doctors, but Hines is still involved in various Doctor Who audio adventures from the Big Finish company.  And Hines is not only playing Jamie in these, but he’s also been playing the Second Doctor.  Given Hines’s close friendship with Troughton, that seems really appropriate.  I may have to track a couple of those down.

But, that’s that for the only three parter for this season.

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