Doctor Who “The Two Doctors Part 2”

Well, after wandering around some tunnels for most of Part One, will the Sixth Doctor and Peri actually get something done this time?


They start by unmasking the hooded figure that jumped Peri at the end of Part One.  That turns out not to be too hard.  In point of fact, the figure isn’t really that tough and Peri takes care of him herself.  That’s just as well.  The Doctor knocked himself for a loop with some knock-out gas for a few seconds.  And it turns out the hooded figure is Jamie, a little delirious after what happened to him before.

And somehow, despite the fact Jamie never witnessed a regeneration, he doesn’t question the fact the Doctor has a new, younger face   It does take some time to get him awake and all, and he does somehow manage to describe the Sontarans and what happened, but the Sontarans aren’t the real villains this time.

No, the real villains are the Androgums.  The male Androgum, Shockeye, is a chef looking to cook and eat, well, everything.  He snaps a rat and takes a bite out of it in this episode.  And he will eat a human given the chance.  He’s actually a bit disappointed that the humans don’t have recipes for themselves in their cookbooks.

But the female, Chessene, is more problematic.  She’s smart, in charge, and the Doctor’s scientist friend Dastari, who looks like he stepped out of an 80s music video, surgically modified her to not be an Androgum because Androgums are savage monsters or something.  That’s what the Second Doctor says.

Is he a Space Racist?  Well, this is Doctor Who, and morality here is a lot more black-and-white, so I’m gonna say probably not.

It doesn’t take too long for the Sixth Doctor to find some stuff on the station.  One device shows people dying in the tube, just as Jamie saw his Doctor do.  So, the group knows that Doctor is still alive.  He has to be for Six to exist.  Them’s the rules.  A quick psychic connection even tells him where Dastari, the Sontarans, and the Amdrogums took the Second Doctor.  And so, a brief trip to the TARDIS, where Jamie is fitting in quite nicely with this Doctor and Peri, and the group goes to Spain.  They even get directions to the hacienda that all the bad guys are staying at thanks to a vacationing English actor and his Spanish girlfriend.

So, what is all this about?  Well, it seems Dastari wants to remove the cellular component from the Second Doctor that allows for time travel.  Apparently, the TARDIS can’t be piloted through space and time without it, and that seems weird to me since I am sure I’ve seen various companions pilot the TARDIS in the past.  Like, all of the Fifth Doctor’s for starters.

Now, Dastari says the plan was Chessene’s, and the Sontarans are getting time travel, but the Second Doctor doesn’t believe that and tries to trick his way out of his bonds by challenging the Sontaran commander to a duel.  That doesn’t work, but then he’s knocked out again by the cellular remover thingee.

And that would be about when the Sixth Doctor and his team get there.  Peri goes in the front door to act as a distraction for the Androgums.  Chessene is suspcious.  Shockeye wants to eat her.  And parading the Second Doctor through doesn’t seem to evoke a reaction since Chessene is apparently a mind reader on top of everything else.  Peri gets the hell out of there, but Shockeye follows and jumps her.  Apparently, Androgums are a lot stronger than they look.

As for the Sixth Doctor and Jamie, they get into the basement and even find a TARDIS prototype that would work if someone had some Time Lord DNA.  Then the Sontarans come back, and, well, that looks like all of our heroes in trouble.

See, that was a lot more action than Part One.

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