Castle Rock “Dirty”

Well, the cult tried to dry Annie out.

That was a mistake.

Yes, the cult took Annie and Joy in, intending to set Annie up as a vessel for Amity, but they need her clean of the drugs she takes first.  Keeping her and Joy there (at first) is easy enough.  Just tell Annie she needs to stay there to keep Joy out of child services.

Never mind just about everyone in town is under the hypnotic sway of that statue, walking in a long procession from Castle Rock to Salem’s Lot, passing a sign pointing out where Derry is.  Not everyone is under the statue’s power, but most people are.  We saw Pop slip away, and in this episode we learn Nadia is fine.

You know, until the cultist in Chris Merrill’s body comes by to kill her.  Apparently, killing a doctor who grew up in a war zone isn’t an easy thing, and she actually manages to knock him out, restrain him, and figuring it’s a psychotic break, gives him the drugs that actually allow the real Chris to speak through his mouth a few times.  And having two more cultists show up to take him back more or less convinces Nadia that Chris wasn’t making stuff up.

That all ends when Nadia and Chris take out the two cultists, Chris dying for the second and probably final time in the process.

So, really, Nadia reacting violently and effectively may have been a bit surprising.

Annie reacting violently and effectively, not so much.  Sure, Annie wants to keep Joy.  And she has a better reason than she knows because Ace looks over Joy’s artwork, decides Joy is a good artist like Amity, and therefore, Joy will be a better host.  But by then, they’ve already started giving Annie placebos, she recognizes the house, and even finds some corpses in the basement.

As such, Annie kills a couple people trying to get Joy out.  And Joy is freaked out enough to want to leave.

I knew Annie would be a wild card here.

Anyway, it doesn’t go quite as planned.  The hyponitzed townsfolk are all outside the Marsden House, and just as Annie and Joy start to sneak out, Annie is jumped by cultists and Joy sees the statue and joins the mob.

Still, they shouldn’t have taken Annie off her meds.

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