Doctor Who “Planet Of Fire Part 1”

Well, we’re still in the midst of a shake-up, clearing the way for the Fifth Doctor’s departure.  One companion is gone, and there’s one more still hanging around.  OK, maybe two depending on how you count the guy in the closet.

So, basically, three things are all happening at once.  On the planet Sarn, a desert world, it looks like there’s some dispute between the locals about whether or not the fire god Logar is real or not.  Logar apparently has a sacred volcano.

On Earth, specifically off a Spanish island, an archaeologist finds what looks like a large metal bolt, and said man’s stepdaughter Peri wants to go to Morocco.  Peri is…American?  Really? I’m not sure I’ve heard an American accent that bad since the First Doctor visited the O.K. Corral.

And, in the TARDIS, someone remembered Kamelion existed and he starts shouting for help from his storage closet.  The Doctor checks on him, but he needs Turlough to do something with the console to disconnect the shapeshifting robot from the TARDIS first.  And Turlough does some stuff, but the TARDIS resets its coordinates to go somewhere the Doctor isn’t sure he wants to go.  Except, Turlough didn’t do that.

Could Kamelion have done that?

Never mind.  Peri’s stepfather tricked her by leaving her alone on a boat in the middle of the bay so she can’t catch her plane to Morocco.  She does have the giant bolt, and she opts to give the male fans some service by stripping down to a bikini and swimming to shore with the rest of her stuff wrapped in a plastic bag.  She starts to drown and Turlough strips down to his drawers to maybe give the female fans some fan service and swims out to rescue her.  He finds the bolt when he takes Peri inside the TARDIS to lie down for a while, and the bolt has a symbol like one burned into his arm.  He also knows there’s some kind of device inside the thing, one that matches a signal that Kamelion picked up earlier, but which he doesn’t really want to explain to the Doctor just yet.

Never mind.  The thing goes off and sends the TARDIS away.  Kamelion takes the shape of Peri’s stepdad, keeping her on the TARDIS when the two men get off to look around a mystery planet that is probably Sarn, a place where some of the natives also have that weird symbol burned into their arms.

But then Kamelion changes into…the Master?!?  Oh, that can’t be good.

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