Castle Rock “The Word”

Well, it’s time for some answers.  And despite being set in ‘Salem’s Lot, the evil things that seem to be inhabiting the bodies of the recently deceased are not vampires.

They may be something far, far worse.

The neighboring towns of Castle Rock and Jerusalem’s Lot are celebrating their 400th anniversaries, so that means it’s time to go back to the founding of those communities, a failing French colony where we see a rich guy having a falling out with someone who is like a daughter to him, and maybe that Pop Merrill wasn’t so wrong when he said the witches of that period were satanists after all.

Back then, the colony was not in good shape.  Nothing grew and everyone was slowly starving to death, so one older man blamed his epileptic daughter Amity and had her exiled with her lover, the colony’s priest Augustin.  They came back after Amity became a prophet to an angel that promised food as long as they made a few changes.

That started with taking the nonbelievers in this new religion and crucifying them upside down while burning them at the stake.  There weren’t too many of those, but Amity’s father was one.

And then, after living this much better lifestyle, even with a statue of their hooded benefactor, one day Amity got some new instructions that involved the ritual death of, oh, everybody with the promise they’d come back in 400 years.  The last to go was Augustin, and he was…the first to come back.

Yes, he’s in Ace’s body.

And Annie?  He’s saving her for Amity.  Sure, Annie confessed to the murder of Rita to protect Joy, and it seems Annie’s meds will make her resistant if not immune to the spiritual possession, but Ace/Augustin has other plans for the anniversary parade to Castle Rock.  But since Annie started the whole thing resurrecting Augustin, she gets the “honor” of becoming the new Amity.

That involves unveiling a statue of that hooded figure, and somehow that makes everyone in town who isn’t already a member of Ace’s undead cult to fall into a trance just by looking at the thing.  The one guy who misses it is Pop, as he was being led out of the square and only saw it reflected in a balloon.

That may be a bit more appropriate than it sounds.

See, the final flashback shows us the angel that appeared to Amity.

And, uh, it’s the Kid from season one.

AKA, the character played by Pennywise himself Bill Skarsgard.

Pennywise does love his balloons.

Wait, the Kid claimed he was the alternate universe version of a different character in season one!  You mean the oddity that didn’t age and caused violence to break out by his mere presence maybe lied to everybody?  The nerve of that man!  If man he is!

Then again, Ace was looking for him.  That could be more problematic.

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