Doctor Who “Frontios Part 3”

So, Tractators apparently have gravity powers.

That’s…unexpected.  Giant bugs that makes things heavier?

Only Doctor Who

To review, the Doctor and a female colonist, the old man named Range’s daughter, are stuck in Tractator gravity beams.  Now, Tractators themselves seem kinda…not smart.  Surely there’s a way to get away from these guys?

Yeah.  Tegan can throw a lantern and cause them to blink in confusion when they get hit with a bright light.  Range’s daughter gets away with Tegan, but Tegan being Tegan goes back for the Doctor.  He’d stayed behind to hold the giant bugs off, and when he got caught in a second gravity beam, Tegan tried to pull him out but only got sucked in.  Fortunately, they had a second lantern.

As for Turlough, he’s in a weird fugue because Tractators once came to his homeworld.  And he has a…racial memory?  Is that an actual thing?  Anyway, taking Turlough back to the surface means the Security Dick learns about the Tractators, and since he can’t hide the fact Plantagenet is missing much longer, he can use Turlough’s half-remembered information to plan an assault on the Tractators.

That will probably not go well.

Oh, and there is one smart Tractator.  He’s called the Gravis, and he has a plan to turn Frontios into a spaceship.  All the people he’s taken, including Plantagenet’s father, are being forced to mine rock, and Plantagenet is next.  Some folks are just miners.  Others, like Plantagenet’s dad, were inserted directly into digging machines, making them effectively braindead.

At least, that’s what the Doctor and Tegan discover when they find Plantagenet’s father inside a machine and looking kinda dead inside.  And not the fun kind where he doesn’t like certain Fast and Furious movies.

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