Doctor Who “Frontios Part 2”

The TARDIS?  Destroyed except for the hat rack?  Why does that seem unlikely?

I mean, sure, the Doctor says it was disintegrated, but that doesn’t seem right to me.  Shouldn’t there be, I dunno, more wreckage?

Eh, it may not matter.  Plantagenet and his Security Chief, AKA another dick, want the Doctor to die, and there’s no one there to stop them…except for Turlough.  As a weasel, if a benevolent weasel, Turlough can think fast to escape just about any situation.  And he finds it when he grabs the hat rack and brings it up like it’s some kind of weapon.

This…oddly enough works.  As it is, the Doctor is interested in why the meteors are coming down so much as where they come from and he wants to do a rock analysis.  Plantagenet says they don’t have a lab.  Tegan and Turlough say they do because they got a battery from there.  And since Turlough is armed with a hat rack, which may or may not be what is summoning the meteorites (it isn’t, duh), the Doctor gets what he wants, but when Plantagenet tries something and Turlough gives him a light tap, the Doctor has to save the man’s life due to fragile health.

Plantagenet, possibly named for an English dynasty, holding an inherited position, and also with possible weak genes?  There must be a joke there somewhere…

Anyway, the Doctor saves his life, but Security Dick, who’s coming down hard on, oh, everybody, keeps Tegan with him while the Doctor goes back to the lab where he left Turlough and another woman to do the work.  Tegan has already found some suspicious slogans and the like while Turlough found a hatch to some underground tunnels.  He and the woman go down to look, and he’s jumpy down there.

The Doctor and an older man likewise go down.  They find Turlough, petrified and muttering something about “Tractators”.  The Doctor goes to look, and Tegan shows up to look after Turlough.

Tegan was able to slip away when Plantagenet was either pulled underground or teleported away.  I am not sure which since the effect was…weird.

However, the Doctor did find the Tractators.  They have stunned the woman who was with Turlough, and they look like giant grasshoppers.  When Tegan walked in, the Doctor shooed her out, but then he got zapped too.

So, this could be bad.  But at least he didn’t disintegrate like the TARDIS allegedly did.

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