Castle Rock “The Mother”

Man, this episode suggests nobody wants Annie Wilkes around,  I feel a bit bad for her.

Then again, she is a somewhat psychotic person when the right mood hits her.

See, this episode picks up where the last one left off for Joy and Annie.  Joy called her birthmother Rita, but then hung up because her feelings on this matter are somewhat complicated.  However, Rita is a bit enterprising and backtraces the call to Castle Rock, apparently arriving there the next day which is kinda fast no matter how you slice it.

Annie was in a bar, pounding back some drinks because she wasn’t down enough when Undead Ace sat down next to her.  Ace and his growing cult of followers have been killing people all over town and then bringing them back to life, holding the spirits of some long gone cult.  The new members include Ace’s brother Chris, but the real shocker may be the cult went after a young couple this time around.  The process worked fine on the man, but the woman woke up and ran off since the process didn’t completely finish.  She got to Nadia’s hospital, and some of the drugs they gave her there apparently slowed down the possession.

Drugs can do that?

Nadia doesn’t know anything supernatural is going on.  She’s too busy tossing Abdi out for knowing Pop’s secret and not sharing it.  Abdi knew for five years apparently…

Now, I mentioned above that everyone rejects Annie in this episode.  Joy listens to both Rita and Annie, but seems to not want Annie around despite Annie’s explanation that Annie kinda needs Joy in her life.

That sentence packs way too much metaphor into one complete thought for this show.

But with Rita staying at the same motorlodge as Annie, and Joy in a shelter for abused teens, and the state asking Annie for paperwork involving Joy’s birth that Annie obviously doesn’t have, that’s a lot of rejection.  True, Annie’s old tutor Rita rejects Annie too.  Heck, she tries to kill Annie.  But that falls through as I will explain in a minute.

See, it hit me:  Ace takes Annie home, looks at her, and…doesn’t kill her to take back and convert to the cult.  How messed up does your life have to be if the psycho murdering random people all over town decided not to add you to his collection?

OK, Undead Ace tells Undead Chris that Annie is being saved for a special soul later, but that’s not as weird as thinking a cult of undead spirits taking over the bodies of the recently deceased had standards for membership.  Ace says he’s going back for Annie in four days.

And one person does go to Annie.  Joy stops by and injects Rita with a tranquilzer just as Rita goes to shoot Annie.  Rita then drops the gun, it goes off, and she hits herself.  Annie in nurse mode can’t help her, and then the cops show up.  Annie says she’s responsible because…well, someone is.

Maybe the cops will reject her too.  That does seem to be the way things are going.  Then again, one of Ace’s first victims was a cop…

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