Doctor Who “Frontios Part 1”

The Doctor and his friends visit the future and meet the remnants of humanity after the Earth became uninhabitable for one reason or another.

I’m pretty sure that’s every third or fourth serial set in the far future.  How many times did the Earth become uninhabitable?

Yes, we’re back in the future, and what’s left of the human race is scattered all over.  The TARDIS appears over the planet Frontios.  Things aren’t good there.  The human ships are pinned down by what seems to be aimed meteorites, and people keep disappearing, including the man in charge.  Now, that man’s son is in charge.  His name is Plantagenet.

I feel like there should be a joke there about English history and the country’s longest dynasty since they were the Plantagenets and all, but damned if I can either see one or figure one out.

As it is, the TARDIS is sucked into the planet’s gravity, and things go a little funky.  Plantagenet–the character, not the dynasty–isn’t up to the task of leading or possibly wiping his own ass.  I’m not sure about the latter.  However, the Doctor sees he can help and does something he doesn’t do that often given his title and offers medical assistance, but when he needs some light, he sends Tegan and Turlough back to the TARDIS, but the doors inside the TARDIS off the console room are, well, they aren’t opening.  The two companions have to team up with a sympathetic woman to get an acid battery from the biggest ship, but by then, Plantagenet has already decided the Doctor is a spy or an enemy agent or something really untrustworthy.  That would be why Tegan and Turlough have to sneak around, and none of Plantagenet’s people pointing out how helpful the Doctor is seems to be working.

But then, more meteorites, and while the Doctor and his friends do get to cover, there is a problem when the shower ends.  Where the TARDIS was, all that remains is the Doctor’s hat rack.  The Doctor sadly declares the TARDIS has been destroyed.

Wait, shouldn’t there be more wreckage then?

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