Avatar: The Last Airbender Book One “Chapter Fourteen: The Fortune-Teller”

You know, the “previously on” segment focused entirely on how Aang might be sweet on Katara.  Isn’t he only 12?  Mentally and physically?

Regardless, maybe the Aang Gang can go see a psychic.

That seems to be what happens when the trio gets word of a world-class fortune-teller named Aunt Wu in a nearby village.  Katara believes completely in such things.  Aang is interested.  Sokka thinks it’s a load of bunk.

As it is, the only thing Aang is interested in is Katara, so much so that he goes to Sokka for advice on girls at one point.  Why anyone would think Sokka would have good advice on such things–or a wide range of other topics now that I think about it–I have no idea.

So, how does seeing Aunt Wu go?  Aang just wants to know who he’s going to marry–again, he’s mentally and physically 12–and he gets a vague answer after Aunt Wu sees he’ll be involved in a great battle between good and evil.  Aang already knew the first part.  And that’s not getting into how Wu’s young assistant clearly has a thing for Aang.

Sokka doesn’t even get to sit down with her as she quickly says he’ll have a life of misery and pain that is generally self-inflicted.  Well, she sure got his number.

Then there’s Katara.  Told she’ll marry a powerful bender, she keeps going back for more and more predictions, as much like the other villagers, she’s sure Wu can see every detail in the future.  Aang, wanting to impress Katara, goes up to the top of a volcano Aunt Wu just said won’t do anything terrible this year, and finds it ready to erupt.

Sokka tries to convince people this thing is happening, and it doesn’t work because he believes in science.  Can his science explain rain?  YES!

So, the only thing to do is trick Aunt Wu, using Aang and Katara’s bending to fix a cloud and get her to warn the villagers, allowing everyone to work together to save the village from the eruption.  And she isn’t even mad afterwards because her prediction still came true.

Sokka really had a hard time this episode.

Katara, not so much, particularly when Sokka makes an off-hand remark that Aang is a powerful bender.

Hey, how old are Katara and Sokka anyway?

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