Doctor Who “The Awakening Part 2”

Apparently, this was the last Doctor Who two-parter with episodes running about a half-hour each.  From here, two-parters would feature episodes of about 45 minutes in length.

Is that interesting?  I dunno.  The Sixth Doctor apparently has a lot of two-parters in his first year.

But before that can happen, the Fifth Doctor needs to survive the Malus, a giant stone head with psychic powers.  The local town’s token rich guy, Sir George, apparently thinks he can awaken the Malus and use the being’s power for his own.  The Doctor knows better because the Malus feeds off violence and the emotions associated therein.  That battle everyone in town seems to be re-enacting fed it really good ages ago, and because of its psychic powers, it’s gonna cause another massacre with the re-creators to have another good meal because, really, that’s all it cares about, and it isn’t above conjuring psychic projections to scare people away like a Scooby Doo villain.

Then again, his projections might do more, but the Doctor advises running, and that kid from 1640 that the Doctor insists is another projection, he takes off fast, leaving the Doctor with the schoolteacher Ms. Hampden.

To review, Tegan is going to be the May Queen…and burned at the stake.

Turlough runs loose for a bit before being subdued and locked in a barn with Tegan’s grandpa, the only other person in town who figured out the Malus was real and nobody’s friend.

Can the Doctor save the day?

Um, yeah.  Rather easily, truth be told.  He tries reasoning with Sir George, but instead gains an ally from George’s friend Colonel Wolsey.  Wolsey substitues Tegan with a scarecrow, and then all the people with the Doctor take off for the Church the Malus is buried under.

And locking up Turlough never works because as a juvenile delinquent, he will eventually break out.  Everyone gets down to the Church, and the Doctor fiddles with something in the TARDIS to cut off the Malus’s food supply.  Sure, Sir George tries to stop it when he isn’t suffering from an awful headache, but then Will the Displaced Boy shoves George into the Malus’s head, causing the whole place to fall apart, but by then the Doctor hustled everyone, even George’s human allies, into the TARDIS and dematerialized everyone out of there.

Oh, and Will was real, not a projection.

So, the only thing to do is drop off all the villagers in the proper time, but Tegan reminds the Doctor she wants to visit her grandpa, so the TARDIS will stop there for a bit.  That sounds like a nice thing to do before the stuff hits the fan with the next serial, as always happens.

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