Avatar: The Last Airbender Book One “Chapter Thirteen: The Blue Spirit”

Well, sometimes a mutual enemy can make a temporary ally.

That and there’s this creepy dude in a demon mask running around for this episode.

The “mutual enemy” is renowned dick Admiral Zhao.  The “temporary ally”…that would be telling.  Zhao has managed to get specially commissioned to bring the Avatar in, and that means he can recruit anyone from the Fire Nation to assist him.  To that end, he selects some archers who can shoot down flies without killing them.

Aang, on his own, is looking for medicine for Sokka and Katara, both of them sick from being out in the storm in the previous episode.  That means going to see a mad herbalist and finding the only cure is for the two to suck on a frozen frog before said frogs thaw out.  Of course, Aang left the two with Appa and Momo to watch over.  Why he did that, I don’t know, but it’s probably because then we get comedy as Momo is sent to get water and brings back everything but water.

As it is, Aang gets the frogs, but also gets captured by Zhao’s archers.  If there’s some good news there, it’s that Zhao won’t kill Aang because that would just mean the Avatar would reincarnate in a new body, and that won’t help out anybody.

Especially,,,the Blue Spirit.

Yes, the Blue Spirit, a mysterious, silent swordsman who sneaks around, releasing Aang, and then working with the lad to escape.  The Blue Spirit, wearer of a demon mask and seeming righter of wrongs, a man who is there to make sure that Aang gets out alive, even if it means threatening Aang’s life because Zhao needs Aang alive.

And then those archers knock the Spirit out from a good distance away, forcing Aang to help the pair escape for certain.

And yes, it was Zuko.

See?  Temporary ally!

Granted, Zuko needs to bring Aang in himself, and Aang’s offer of friendship doesn’t really work…for now.  But Aang got away with some frozen frogs to fix his friends (try saying that five times fast), and Zuko still has hope that he’ll end his exile some day.

And Zhao is still a dick.

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