Sharp Objects “Closer”

I keep running over and over again how terrible Camille’s family is to her.  Her mother and her half-sister are both terrible, even though Amma seems to be able to play innocent.  I mean, am I the only one who sees she’s almost as bad as Adora?

This time around, it sure looks like the entire town is rather terrible to Camille.

Now, let’s be very fair here.  Camille has problems.  She’s not a saint or an angel.  She drinks too much.  She doesn’t seem to care too much what bridges she burns.  And we know she’s spent time in a psychiatric care facility.  That’s not getting into the cutting, which we finally get a good look at here, and all the words she’s carved into her skin.  She’s closed off mentally and emotionally.  Sure, she’s starting a relationship with Richard, but it sure does have a lot of obvious obstacles that it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see right now.

And that isn’t because both Vickery and Adora (Adora!) told Richard Camille is evil or wrong.  Camille isn’t necessarily evil or wrong.  She’s an outsider in the town she grew up in.  Her crime is basically not fitting in.

And watching this show in 2020, I gotta say, the “Calhoun Day” thing with all the Confederate Flags in Missouri (you know, a Union state), and the fact that it isn’t supposed to be really celebrating the Confederacy so much as it is celebrating one of Adora’s ancestors who stood up to nasty Union soldiers looking for her Confederate husband is something else.  It just shows how messed up this town is.  It isn’t quite Union or Confederate, uniforms and flags aside.

Oh God, there were so many Confederate flags in that scene.  I really wonder how that would fly if this mini-series wasn’t two years old in light of recent events.

Point is, Camille probably didn’t stand a chance.  Finding out her mother didn’t even love her only makes it worse.

Plus, you know, she has a dead sister that we’ve only really seen in flashbacks and Adora only really brings up this time when she tells Richard how awful her older daughter is.

So, really, even though Camille may end this episode in Richard’s bed after finding Amma when the girl ran away, it won’t end well.  Wind Gap is a town with problems, and even the ones who got away still have their own problems that make things worse instead of better.

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