Doctor Who “The Awakening Part 1”

Well, it was bound to happen.

We got a two-parter where the real threat is historic recreators.

Yes, the Doctor is doing Tegan a solid by taking her to visit her grandfather in England in 1984 or so.  Since Tegan seems to be the one companion who actually has relatives to visit, the Doctor seems to be more than happy to do so.  So, off they go, coming to a stop inside a building, and when they step out…

They get arrested by armored soldiers for trespassing on the local Lord’s property.  Are they a few centuries off?

It turns out they aren’t.  Yes, it’s 1984, and Tegan’s grandpa does live there, but it’s the anniversary of a battle from the English Civil War, and most of the town–all except the school teacher–are re-enacting a battle that, apparently, killed everybody.

I’m with the Doctor on this one.  I don’t see the point of celebrating something that disastrous or dumb depending on your point of view.

As it is, it seems some people are really, really into it…again, everyone but Ms. Hampden.  The fact one guy seems willing to kill the Doctor for trying to leave seems especially dispiriting, but the locals seem concerned that Tegan is the granddaughter of a local man when said local man disappeared.

Plus they want Tegan to be the May Queen.  And that doesn’t sound like a good thing.

Well, it seems there’s more weirdness going on around here.  Tegan sees some lights and then a face in the air.  Turlough sees it too.  Also, someone snatched her purse, and the Doctor finds it to be a teenage boy that for a second there I thought was somehow Adric’s ancestor, but the kid says his name is Will and he’s from the year 1643.  The Doctor thinks he’s a psychic projection for the time being.

But after getting some facts together, the Doctor sees there’s a threat to Tegan and Turlough, so he has them wait in the TARDIS while he and Will investigate some mysterious carvings in the local graveyard.  WIll says they belong to the Malus, and that doesn’t sound right.

Finding a tunnel, Will and the Doctor look around and run into Ms. Hampden, coming from another direction.  Some more investigation finds a hunk of alien metal that amplifies psychic powers.  And then they find a crack in the wall, and some giant green eyes looking out, doing something to the Doctor.

Of course, by then, Tegan and Turlough saw the sparkling lights in the TARDIS and went to find the Doctor.  Tegan got caught by locals, given a dress, and told she’ll be the May Queen.

This is not going to end well for someone.  Probably Malus.  He sounds like a dick.

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