Avatar: The Last Airbender Book One “Chapter Twelve: The Storm”

So, there’s a storm in this episode.  And…it’s not really much of a factor in the things that happen.

Instead, we get Last Airbender Origins: Aang and Zuko.

The Aang Gang are broke and hungry, and Katara suggests Sokka consider getting a job.  And then an old fisherman, looking to ignore an incoming storm, wants to pay someone to help and Sokka volunteers on the spot.  There’s a part of me that wonders why Katara also didn’t go get a job, but Sokka is pretty quick to volunteer, so I see no reason to do more than note what I almost noted.

Likewise, we see back on Zuko’s ship that the Prince is sounding obsessed with catching the Avatar again, and when a crewman says Zuko doesn’t care about anybody else, Iroh takes the man and two others aside to explain why Zuko is the way he is.

That occurs as Aang tells Katara why he didn’t want to be the Avatar and how he ended up with Appa in the iceberg.

So, in short, Aang found out his destiny when he was a bit younger than most Avatars, and after that, kids his own age didn’t want to play with him anymore and adults were a lot harsher, getting ready to ship him off to a less fun Air Temple.  Instead, encouraged by his old master, Aang ran off and eventually plunged with Appa into the ocean and conjured up an iceberg around them.  Aang is concerned he missed his chance and should have done what he was supposed to ages ago, but Katara thinks Aang would have died otherwise, so the boy is probably in the right place right now.

As for Zuko, he talked his way into a Fire Nation planning sessions and flipped out when he heard the generals planning a suicide mission for their own men.  That got Zuko sent to a duel with the offended party, and it wasn’t some old general.  It was Zuko’s father the Fire Lord.  And since Zuko wouldn’t fight back against his much-more powerful father, the Fire Lord scarred his son and exiled him, saying the only way back was to find the Avatar.

And then, when the storm blows in, Aang uses his Avatar powers to save Sokka and the fisherman while Zuko works to save a crewman on his ship, even opting to save the boat and the crew on it instead of pursuing Aang when Zuko spots Appa flying by.

So, Aang learned a lesson about his place in society and Zuko displayed character.  All they needed to do that was a little storm.

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