Locke & Key “Head Games”

I really don’t want to spend a lot of time comparing and contrasting the comics to the series here, especially as I recently finished the last graphic novel.  But I was curious as to how they were going to handle the Head Key.  Having the top of a person’s head pop open and allow the characters to root around inside miniature memories would make for an interesting visual experience, but it might look silly or bad depending on the level of special effects the show had.

As such, I am somewhat glad they went in another direction.

See, if you use the Head Key, you sort of pop up next to an immobile version of yourself, and there will be some sort of…something nearby that you and other people can crawl into and walk around inside and see visual representations of the insides of a person’s mind.  In Bode’s case, it’s a giant toy box.  His memories are jack-in-the-boxes, and his feelings take a human form.

Kinsey and Tyler, they see all this, and all they really can do is argue about a tale their father told all three of them at separate points in their lives.  Bode never got the end of it.  Kinsey got a happy ending.  Tyler got a scary one.  All three got the same story with different endings.  That…fits in so well.

Naturally, after Tyler beat the snot out of an obnoxious kid hitting on Kinsey, a trip into Kinsey’s mind shows…very different ideas.  For one, Kinsey’s mind is set up like a very organized shopping mall.  For another, it seems if her mind wanders while she and Ty are in there, they go somewhere else, even spying the representations of Kinsey’s fears.  And she is a very fearful girl.

That said, I am pleased to see the show’s treatment of Nina.  Nina in the comics is often angry and drunk and not much else.  Here, she’s able to function and is a recovered alcoholic.  Sure, she lets slip a few things to new friend Ellie, and Ellie…remembers things.  Things she doesn’t really share.  Then again, Nina’s discovery of her husband’s yearbook shows a lot of omegas drawn all over the thing.

Plus, Bode does find the Ghost Key, becoming a ghost and meeting his great-great-grandpa in the family cemetery.  Sure, he left his body behind, but he got better.

Better than the kid Echo murdered by pushing in front of a subway train using the Anywhere Key.

As it is, two things of note happened.  Ghost-Bode found Ellie sneaking around the Wellhouse.  And Echo watched as Kinsey dragged her fear out of her head and buried it in the woods.

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