Avatar: The Last Airbender Book One “Chapter Eleven: The Great Divide”

Well, maybe it is time for Aang to show what he can do, something only he can do both as the Avatar and a 112 year old kid.  And the episode title works on multiple levels as it is.

Yes, the Great Divide, the largest canyon in the world, and a place Sokka isn’t overly impressed by, but he and Katara were fighting earlier over tents and firewood.  Aang settled the dispute and even did the same for Momo and Appa as they fought over a melon.  See, as Avatar, Aang has to be able to settle disputes, so he’s getting some practice in with the relatively low stakes squabbles of his friends.

So, naturally, there’s a bigger problem.  Two displaced tribes arrive simultaneously at the Divide.  Both are Earth Kingdom, and both lost their homes to Fire Nation attacks.

You know, for a book subtitled “Water,” they sure do spend a lot of time in the Earth Kingdom.

Anyway, one tribe looks to be more of the rough-hewn hunter-gatherer type, and the others are kinda fussy.  Each claims the other is untrustworthy and they hate each other.  There’s also only one Earthbender guide to get anyone across the Divide safely.  That man will take everyone across, but each tribe demands to go first.

Enter Aang.  First compromise:  send Appa across with the old and sick.  From there, the guide insists no one take any food because food attracts trouble.  And…then the guide gets jumped by some kind of giant spider thing with a wolf head, injuring his arms and preventing him from any future earthbending from the bottom of the Divide.  Now, can Aang get two bickering tribes across safely?  He sets them on separate paths, sending Sokka and Katara with each to find out why they’re feuding.  That only works so well as Sokka and Katara end up siding with whoever they went with.

Also, both tribes brought food as each figured the other did, so why not?  That’s what attracted the spider-things.

Does whatever a Spider-thing does

Anyway, Aang can only do so much when the spider-things swarm, that being what a Spider-thing does, and ultimately, Aang figures out that, using the food sacks, he can muzzle the spiders and get them to carry everyone out of the Divide.  And once outside, he reveals the fight over the two long dead elders was something he knew about since he was actually there, and he explained it was really two kids, twin brothers, playing a game that convinced both tribes to put aside their animosities and be friends.

That was quite the bit of dispute settlement.

Especially since, after the newly united tribe leaves, Aang admits he made the whole thing up.

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