Doctor Who “Warriors Of The Deep Part 3”

Will some kind of six legged aquatic horse monster zap the Doctor and Tegan to death?

Well, you can bet you didn’t think you’d see that sentence when you got up this morning.

To review:  saboteurs have damaged Sea Base 4 at the same time the Silurians, using a troop of Sea Devil warriors, have stormed the place, sending a Myrka ahead to kill as many people as it can.  The Myrka sends off electrical shocks, killing anyone it comes in contact with, and sometimes up to four crewmen through a bulkhead.  Sea Devils seem to be resistant to human weapons, too.

Plus, the Doctor and Tegan are locked in a room with the Myrka.  Sure, the Doctor buys time by temporarily blinding it, but that just means Turlough has to save the day with a ray gun by threatening the guy who controls the locking mechanism.  That does let the Doctor and Tegan out, but the Myrka gets inside the Base too, even if the Doctor says the doors wouldn’t have held that monster dick out forever,

So, with that in mind, the Doctor and Tegan go to work building an anti-Myrka weapon while Turlough gets drafted into fighting the Sea Devils.  Does that work?  Well, the Doctor does stop the Myrka, but not before one of the two saboteurs tried to use kung fu on the Myrka, a plan that goes about as well as it sounds like it should go.  As for the other, after he’s caught, he takes Tegan hostage to escape, but the Doctor zaps him with the anti-Myrka weapon too.

Of course, the saboteur jackasses made it impossible for Sea Base 4 to call for help,

And the Sea Devils capture Turlough.

Oh, and they get the Doctor and Tegan too.

Since the Doctor never does right by the Silurians despite his best efforts, these guys will probably regret capturing him really soon.

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