Doctor Who “Terminus Part 2”

Well, the good news for the Doctor, his friends, and the two pirates is the Space Lepers have no interest in any of them.  Then again, they do have a contagious disease, so that may not matter.

This may not be the best serial to watch during a pandemic, but that’s been happening to me quite a bit lately.

Yes, the Lepers have no interest in the Doctor and the others, but the guards on Terminus may be another story.  The two Space Pirates, Olvir and Kari, are less inclined to hurt the Doctor and Nyssa.  Well, Kari is.  Olvir is scared to death of the plague, so he’s a lot less helpful, but the Doctor does make an interesting observation when he finally gets a look at the starcharts.

Terminus is at the exact center of the known universe.

And that doesn’t sound right.

Well, Nyssa and Olvir head off alone, and then Olvir heads off even further alone when he realizes Nyssa has the illness.


Well, it’s not an unreasonable fear, truth be told.

Still, he’s a bit of a jerk.

See, there’s a problem.

Tegan and Turlough, stuck under the walkway, hear a few things.  Armored guards from Terminus patrol above, and one of them, Bor, heads off into the Forbidden Zone.

Not the Forbidden Zone!

Yes, the Forbidden Zone!

Point is, the guards ask some wolf alien to find the soon-to-be-dead Bor (they figure) and bring his armor back.  Another guard is sending Nyssa down with the other sick people, and Tegan and Turlough overhear another tell a robot to sterilize the ship.

Then again, Turlough also hears the Black Guardian threaten him every few scenes, so he has his own problems.

But the Doctor knows no one is getting off Terminus if they’re all over the place, and finding Nyssa’s discarded skirt, he and Kari head into Terminus…where a guard knocks out Kari and starts to strangle the Doctor.

Well, that’s not good.

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