Doctor Who “Terminus Part 1”

Well, there’s a new companion on the TARDIS being pushed to kill the Doctor, and apparently, this is the last serial for one of the older companions.

It’s like the TARDIS has a revolving door sometimes…

But wait, the Black Guardian still wants the Doctor dead, and that guy wears what looks like a dead bird on his head, so it’s probably best not to ignore him.  He’s probably crazy, like Johnny Depp as Tonto.

Anyway, he’s pushing Turlough to sabotage the TARDIS while Turlough isn’t too crazy about the idea especially since he’s convinced the rest of the people on the TARDIS don’t trust him.  He’s not exactly wrong there, but mostly that’s because Tegan doesn’t trust him, and she’s the loudest.  Nyssa sees no harm in the kid as she has her science experiments and the Doctor is the Doctor and I’m never sure how much he notices about anything.

Point is, Turlough listens to the Black Guardian, but not until after he suggests Tegan smile more just like he does, and if Tegan weren’t already a 1980s style hardcore feminist as it is, telling her to smile seems like the worst thing anyone could have done.  Turlough’s probably lucky not to be a bodycast after that comment.

But he does manage to break something, causing the TARDIS to merge with another ship out in space.  Nyssa is in the affected part, so she has to scramble, but the TARDIS has a magic door that appears to allow the Doctor to follow her, followed himself by Tegan and Turlough.

This new ship, well, it has problems.  For one, some doors seem to have a lot of grabby hands on the other side, and Tegan and Turlough barely get away from one.  For another, the Doctor does find Nyssa, but so do some 80s glam rock style Space Pirates.

Oddly enough, the two Space Pirates are a bit surprised to see their ship take off without them, and it turns out demanding the Doctor take them away doesn’t really do them much good.

But then comes the real problem as the ship arrives at its destination, the space station Terminus, and that’s when one Space Pirate loudly shouts why they’re all in a lot of trouble.

Because the ship is full of Space Lepers headed to a Space Leper Colony.  The Doctor and Nyssa hide down one corridor while Tegan and Turlough barely manage to get into a vent in the floor.

So, the TARDIS is stuck in another ship that has both pirates and lepers on it?  Is there a ninja or a viking behind another door?  It seems like we’re missing some other random weirdness.

God, I love this show sometimes.

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