Hunters “Eilu V’ Eilu”

Well, that was a thing that happened.

As I type this, about a month before it’s scheduled to go up, I haven’t seen any notice of Amazon renewing this show for a second season.  And, I don’t know how I feel about that.  Hunters is something of a schizophrenic viewing experience.  It bounces around back and forth between a more serious look at what the Holocaust and real Nazis did to the Jewish people and the more pulpy stuff that comes from older B-movies.

Heck, the last shot of the episode suggested the latter when Joe, captured conveniently by Nazis who knew where to wait for him (or any of the Hunters would be my guess), finds himself in Argentina with the Colonel and the barely mentioned “General”…and it turns out she’s Eva Braun and Hitler is still alive for the most awkward fictional lunch since Empire Strikes Back.

But if you’re like me and I know I am and you were wondering how any TV show could secure the long term presence of Al Pacino, well, it may not have to if its renewed since, well, he was a Nazi the whole time, the real Meyer Offerman had been dead for decades, and Jonah figured it out.  That twist fits the character.  The mysterious Wolf wanted to atone for his sins against the Jews by using the exact same methods against his former comrades-in-arms.  That explains his extreme ideas and how he pushed Jonah away for showing mercy.  And yeah, Jonah killed him, then went back and told the others.  Joe left, disbelieving, and that led to his capture.  Mindy also left, but the episode didn’t show where she went.  Sister Harriet’s superiors gave her some info on where to go next, so the remaining Hunters–Jonah, Lonny, Roxy, and Sister Harriet–are off to Eastern Europe, a place close to where Biff ran off to (why was he free after all that?) as a new Soviet citizen, and Travis is going to recruit followers in prison after killing his Jewish lawyer to stay there longer.  Plus, Millie got the go-ahead to take her own investigation onto a more global scale.

Will there be more of this?  As I said, I don’t know.  Will I watch more of it?  Probably.  I didn’t hate this one, but it did leave me wondering what the tone of the show should be at a regular basis.  It’s one thing to use cartoon Nazis in older programming and movies, but I think in a post-Schindler’s List world, it’s just a lot harder to do that sort of thing.  We are, when it comes to our entertainment, a lot more socially aware of what happened in Nazi Germany.  A show like this should either go straight up pulp or go for something that is a lot more realistic, and most likely, it would want to go the former in order to preserve some of its more broadly satirical elements.  Whether or not anyone would even be interested in more Hunters without Pacino, and this show isn’t shy about letting the dead keep coming back so I imagine he might still be around in a more limited capacity as the bad angel in Jonah’s mind next to Jonah’s grandmother’s good one, also remains to be seen.  In the meantime, I suppose I’d need to see more to see what kind of show Hunters really wants to be.  I’ll watch a second season, but it won’t be on the top of my list.

Let’s give it a nice 8 out of 10 on-the-nose evils for now.  What it does well works, but the tone is all over the place.

And, since I need a new Monday show, and I am as I type this almost finished the comic book version, let’s go with Netflix’s Locke & Key next.

At least that one won’t have me wondering about whether or not the villains are depicted appropriately.

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