Comic Review: Locke & Key Volume 6

Well, here we go with the second of what became four series I decided to finish this year.  Maybe Locke & Key didn’t grab me the way the others did, but it was hardly a bad series.  And with the Netflix series out now, well, no time like the present.

As such, I got around to finishing off the series with the final volume, titled Alpha and Omega.

Dodge, in Bode’s body, finally got the Omega Key to the demon portal, the place where demons can take over bodies or become the metal that can make new keys.  So far, the only one who knows Bode isn’t Bode is Rufus, and Rufus isn’t someone people believe too readily.  As Dodge assembles the last of the keys, with plans for something big and bad on prom night when most of the students of Lovecraft High will be hanging out in the caves near the demon portal, there aren’t too many people with either the knowledge or the ability to stop him right now.  As for the older Locke children, Tyler and Kinsey think Dodge wants to let the demons through to possess everybody and make himself an army.

And that, well, that isn’t quite right.  What Dodge is planning may be far, far more horrifying, but Tyler has some ideas his father never conceived of and Kinsey can be pretty observant when she has to be.

Now, I have long stated my one objection to really getting into this series was the artwork by Gabriel Rodriguez.  I said many times it wasn’t bad, but just a poor fit for a horror series.  But there was something else, and it makes more sense as I finished up the series in that I had a really had time telling some characters apart.  For example, Locke family matriarch Nina looked an awful lot in the face like Dodge in his female form.  When Kinsey lost the hair coloring she had in her forelocks, I honestly didn’t know who she was supposed to be at first.  I was never quite sure how old Rufus was supposed to be, and Tyler wearing a pair of glasses was basically unrecognizable.  Too many characters looked too generic in the end, and I spent too much time wondering who was who.

That said, Joe Hill’s story still largely worked.  It may have rushed through the end a bit, but he did manage to lay the groundwork to give his story a conclusion that was satisfactory and fun.  Not every character necessarily made it through in one piece, but the overall story gave the Locke kids a chance to be heroes in ways that, a mere generation before, wasn’t possible.  Much of that was due to the sort of people Tyler and Kinsey were.  And as for Bode, well, his story isn’t necessarily finished either.

But Locke & Key is, and I was pleased with the end result.  Not the greatest series I’ve read, but fun and something I was glad to finally finish.

For Alpha and Omega8 out of 10 not-so-dead birds.

For the series as a whole, 8.5 out of 10 ideas in jars.

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