Castle Rock “New Jerusalem”

Annie Wilkes did a bad thing, and she’s bound to do more bad things because she has problems.

Lots and lots of problems.

For starters, she and Ace’s body dropped down into a cave system below the construction site for the New Somali Business Center in Salem’s Lot.  And there are…other bodies down there.  Ugh.  That’s never pleasant, especially for a woman who can’t move her arms when she walks anywhere with a purpose.

Did I mention that Annie has problems?

She does eventually get out of the caves by going up a spiral staircase into an old house, the Marsten House, one of those places that’s really significant in ‘Salem’s Lot.  She sees some squatters having a good time without pants and runs home.

Now, it should be noted that Ace’s disappearance is something that will be noticed, starting with his large security dog and continuing to his brother Chris and his uncle, local crime boss Pop Merrill.

That said, we also get plenty of flashbacks, showing how Pop took in and eventually adopted Abdi and Nadia.  It’s actually a rather nice story, given how, let’s say old fashioned, Pop is on various subjects like witches.  He takes a real shine to Abdi’s business sense, but then ever scene like that ends with a shot of Ace, standing off to the side, grumbling that whatever Abdi got was supposed to go to Ace.

As it is, in the present, without Ace, the dog won’t behave (and keeps running to Annie’s place), and neither will the Somalis that Ace collects “rent” from.

Now, Pop, he didn’t get where he is by being dumb, and he does what seems wise and asks Annie if she saw Ace.  And Annie did, telling him the truth…up to the point where she flipped out and killed Ace.  Instead, she says she saw a black man with a gun lead Ace into the woods.

Let’s add “racist” to Annie’s list of problems.

Now, all that means Pop has Abdi tied up and brought to him, threatening Abdi with violence until Pop keels over with a stroke or something.

So, that’s bad enough.  Annie is having enough problems getting Joy to want to leave.  Oh, and when one of Abdi’s people goes up to the Marsten House…he gets knocked out by something.  Vampires?  Somehow, I doubt this show would go that obviously into King Lore.

Then again, when Annie gets back to her place, she does see Ace standing in the driveway…

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