Doctor Who “Snakedance Part 3”

So, a lot happened in the previous episode that I neglected to mention last time, most notably that the Doctor found himself arrested and in a jail cell.

But the real problem is Nyssa isn’t very good at things.

So, the Doctor is in a cell, and Tegan and Lon are doing things to people.  Those two want something called the Great Mind’s Eye, a crystal that has something to do with the Mara.  And since the Mara is running the show there, well, that’s a problem for everybody since the Mara is evil.

Now, we did see Nyssa lost Tegan–twice–so maybe she can get the Doctor out of jail.  The Doctor has made some progress with the head archaeologist’s younger assistant, a man who thinks the Doctor might be telling the truth about the Mara’s return.  The older man asks where the Doctor’s credentials come from…which is actually a good question.  Point is, the younger guy can give the Doctor some important backstory.

Well, maybe Nyssa can pick the lock and let the Doctor out of jail.

Oh, no she can’t.

Maybe she can sneak around the archaeologist’s office and get the key!

Um, no.  Lon’s mother catches her.  That puts Nyssa in jail too.

But Nyssa does do one thing right by pointing out the smaller crystal the Doctor has is synthetic, allowing the Doctor to postulate that the crystal needs mental energy–which he knew– to somehow trap the Mara again–which he figured out before.

That just means the Mara, using Tegan and Lon as agents, convinced the older archaeologist to come down to the caves, first in the name of finding more artifacts, and then through blackmail and other devious methods.  So, while the younger man let the Doctor and Nyssa out of prison to sneak around the palace, the trio were soon surrounded by armed guards.

And then Lon, wearing gloves to hide his snake marks, ordered the three killed.

Can I blame Nyssa for that one, too?

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