Weekend Trek “Too Short A Season”

What happens when an episode of Star Trek the Next Generation seems more focused on a one-shot guest star than the main cast?  Something like that happens with the episode “Too Short a Season”.  Jimmy and Tom have some thoughts on that.

“Too Short a Season”

The Enterprise escorts an elderly admiral to a hostage crisis, but the admiral has a few secrets that could complicate things.

jimmy:  The Curious Case of Admiral Jamison.

tomk:  I don’t know what was more distracting:  the hyperventilating or the bad old age make-up.

jimmy:  It was bad, wasn’t it?

tomk:  Let me put it this way…the old age make-up somehow didn’t improve from the original show.

jimmy:  Agreed.  Speaking of…this episodes felt very TOS.

tomk:  And we all know how you feel about TOS.

You’re all like, “TOS?  More like POS!”

jimmy:  Haha

tomk:  But how did this feel like TOS to you?

jimmy:  I don’t really know.  Just had that…feel.  Especially near the end when Jamison, Crusher and Picard beam down to talk to the revenge guy (can’t remember his name) who has the hostages.

tomk:  Revenge Guy played a character you do remember from somewhere else. He voiced the Sewer King from BTAS.

jimmy:  Dear.  God.  No.

tomk:  See?  All kinds of suck involved.

jimmy:  Did you get that TOS feeling or was it just me?

tomk:  Truth be told, I have gotten that feeling off all of season one so far.

This one just had more Sewer King and frisky old people.

jimmy:  No wonder then!

tomk:  But gee, this one sure was The Admiral Jameson Show. The others didn’t really do much here.

jimmy:  Riker didn’t even step in to stop Picard from going on an away mission.

tomk:  Picard had to keep Jameson alive.

jimmy:  Which Riker was incapable of, I guess.

tomk:  He’s too busy keeping Picard alive.

jimmy:  Fair enough.

tomk:  Meanwhile, Data keeps Riker alive, Worf protects Data, and Geordi has Worf’s back. No one watches Tasha’s back.

jimmy:  As we’ll see.

tomk:  But here, we have a one off character whose last words were pretty memorable to young me that I still recalled “I see only the gold!” decades later.

jimmy:  Whereas I did not.  :slightly_smiling_face:

tomk:  You’re better off for it.

You know what else I remember thinking the first time I saw this episode, years ago?  That the old age make-up was awful and the guy was naturally going to get younger.

jimmy:  Plus we knew that from the “Next time on Star Trek” from the week before. 🙂

tomk:  They weren’t good at keeping secrets back then, were they?

jimmy:  It’s funny.  I’ve mentioned that I am watching these on Blu-Ray.  So, you can watch each episode with the “next week on…” promo played before.  It’s stress inducing for me as my no spoilers half (even though I’ve seen them all before) wants to know as little as possible going in, but my completest half wants me to watch them so that I see everything I’ve paid for on the discs.  I’m a nerd, I know. 

tomk:  I’m glad Netflix doesn’t have that option right now.

jimmy:  It’s agonizing!

tomk:  Like watching a whole episode of a show that isn’t a spinoff but barely uses the regular characters, instead focusing on some guy who dies at the end? 

jimmy:  Heh…I get the feeling you didn’t care much for The Admiral Jamison Show.

tomk:  I think I would rather get another Troi  episode.

jimmy:  Is that a…

tomk:  That?  Nah. Next episode looks like another Wesley focus.

jimmy:  I guess they need to make up for his absence here.

tomk:  Well, do you want to move on to the next one, or do you have something else to add?

jimmy:  Not really.  It was interesting to see the chain of command on display here.  Even when they were concerned or disagreed, the Admiral was still an Admiral.  He even sat in the big chair on the bridge while Picard sat in Riker’s seat.

tomk:  Well, I will add the show spent a lot of money on the Admiral’s wheelchair only for the thing to not work right.

jimmy:  Did they spend a lot of money?  That thing looked worse than the old age make up.

Another shot from TOS showing they had the same budget as TNG:

tomk:  Except that one worked and did everything it needed to.

jimmy:   I guess they didn’t want to spend too much on it seeing he only used it for like 3 minutes in the episode.

tomk:  Actually they did  but because it didn’t work right, they didn’t use it more than it had to. The thing didn’t roll right when pushed or something.

jimmy:  Kind of important for a wheelchair.

tomk:  Yup.

jimmy:  Though they should have hover chairs or something at that point…

tomk:  Oh, like that would have worked at that budget.

jimmy:  I’m just saying.

tomk:  Keep saying or else we get another Wesley episode.

Only this time, we learn Wesley wrote the final season of GoT.


tomk:  Well, not this time. Ready to see what Wesley actually does?

jimmy:  I don’t think I have a choice.

tomk:  We could quit.

jimmy:  That’s no fun now, is it?

tomk:  Moving on it is.


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