Doctor Who “Snakedance Part 1”

So, there’s a character in this episode played by a guy with, let’s say, very prominent lips.  And it turns out he’s a fairly recognizable British TV actor if you follow British TV.

I just thought I’d throw that in.

But first, there’s a problem on the TARDIS, and it isn’t that the Doctor somehow doesn’t quite notice that Nyssa finally got a change of clothes.  I mean, the new outfit isn’t even subtle.

But there’s a bigger problem, and that’s because the TARDIS is going somewhere the Doctor didn’t intend.  True, that’s every trip, but this time it’s because the Doctor absent-mindedly entered coordinates read off by one of the women, and it wasn’t Nyssa.

And it looks like Tegan might be under the influence–again–of the Mara, that giant snake monster from a previous serial.  Why isn’t it dead?  Beats me.  But the planet the TARDIS is going to is celebrating a 500 year anniversary of the death and banishment of the Mara.  And that can’t be a coincidence.

Neither is Tegan having bad, snake-influenced dreams.

A bit of hypnosis from the Doctor tells them where to go at the festival, namely a particular cave, but when they get there, Tegan is too frightened to enter, so the Doctor goes in alone while Nyssa watches Tegan.  Inside, the Doctor meets some high-ranking members of society who know the cave is generally off-limits.  Sure, the Doctor has Tegan outside, but she appears to have run off.

Nyssa sucks at watching Tegan.

Fortunately for the Doctor, no one wants to kill him for this.

Um, good?

He and Nyssa go back to the TARDIS to try and find Tegan.

Tegan goes to a fortuneteller where she seems to finally go Full-Mara, and the fortuneteller freaks out when she sees a moving snake skull inside her crystal ball…even after the ball shatters.

You know, me thinks Tegan needs a better exorcist next time.

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