Doctor Who “Arc Of Infinity Part 2”

Well, someone accessed the Doctor’s genetic records somehow, and that means a monster from the antimatter world might be trying to come through to the matter universe, and it does look like the Doctor might somehow be responsible.  But he has one ally in the Time Lords’ council, and it isn’t Commander Maxil.  That guy just shot the Doctor.

No, the Doctor’s ally is…Alfred Pennyworth?!?

OK, it’s actor MIchael Gough, one of my favorite Alfreds.   Here, he’s a Time Lord and a friend to the Doctor.

But, to keep the universe safe, the Time Lords are looking to, well, execute the Doctor.  If something comes through the antimatter universe and takes possession of his body, well, what else can they do?  Only Alfred objects.

Yeah, his name isn’t Alfred, but I still think of him as Alfred, so deal with it.

Point is, the Doctor does have a friend, a man who works in the genetic records room who has proof a traitor on the Time Lord council got the Doctor’s genetic records.  Too bad no one will listen…

Oh, the man knows Leela.  He says she’s well.  She will not appear in this serial.

Well, the Doctor is going to be executed, and not even Nyssa showing up with a ray gun will stop it.

But that mysterious Renegade is doing…something in a hidden chamber.  He has that hypnotized man doing all the work for some reason.

But there is a twist.  The man, the young hitchhiker in Amsterdam…is Tegan’s cousin, and she’s on the case to find him!

Well, that’s one way to bring Tegan back.

Granted, the Doctor seems to be disintegrated in a tube at the end of the episode, so maybe she can be the new Doctor.

Yes, I know the next Doctor is Commander Maxil.  I said that for the first part’s write-up.  He seems silly.

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