Into The Badlands “Enter The Phoenix”

Well, here we are, six months later, and we may learn who Bajie was calling for help.  At the very least, we’ll see what may be the biggest shuffling of the status quo in the series so far.

And yes, it is likely to get much worse for Sunny and his friends from here.

So, let’s do some catch up.  Episodes like this are designed to do that anyway.

The Badlands are in the middle of a war, with the last two Barons duking it out for control of, well, everything.  That would be the Widow and Baron Chau.  M.K. apparently changed his mind about getting his gift back, but he’s locked up in the Widow’s place getting all the drugs and girls he wants, so maybe he’s not the best person to count on.

Tilde is running a bandit organization in support of Lydia’s refugee camp.  Tilde even manages to rescue Bajie from one prison transport.

Bajie does not trust Lydia for what it’s worth.  Apparently, he sent out that signal at the end of the season two, expecting help from…somewhere, but it never came so he left after a few months.

And the Widow recruited the one-handed former Clipper/Regent Nathaniel Moon to run her war.  He wants the man who took his hand.  She probably assumes that was Sunny, but Sunny didn’t do that.  Bajie did.

I kinda wish Bajie’s fighting skills were shown more consistently.  After he fended off all those guys helping Sunny before, I wonder how the Widow’s people managed to capture him.

But this is still Sunny’s show, and he’s trying to keep Henry safe.  There’s a price on his head.  Henry has a mystery illness, and the only healer he knows is in Lydia’s camp.

So, he and Bajie reconnect, but there’s a reason Henry is sick:  he has the gift, and it never really manifests in someone that young.

But then there’s the other problem:  some guy, a Pilgrim, shows up at a gate claiming to be the Messiah.  He asks Chau’s forces to surrender, and when they refuse…his two gifted sidekicks slaughter all but one of them using martial arts that seemed to be a bit much even for this show.  He leaves one man alive to tell others he’s coming.

So, you know, times are rough for all kinda of people.  It’s not so much who will try to kill Sunny as who will get the opportunity first.

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