Doctor Who “Kinda Part 1”

So, let’s start with a note on the pronunciation here.  This serial is titled “Kinda,” and I tend to pronounce that word as “KINE-da”.  But this episode is not about something that is a slang term for something that is sort of something else.  It’s the name of an alien race, and it’s pronounced “KIN-DA”.

With that in mind, let’s go to a jungle planet and see what’s up.

Yes, a jungle planet.  After Nyssa just fainted for no clear reason at the end of the previous serial, the Doctor opts to stop there for a while so she can get some rest while the others do…something.

So, really, Nyssa is going to sit this one out.  She just needs some sleep, and the Doctor has a gadget that will knock her out for 48 hours.

How much sleep does that girl need?

Eh, regardless, the others can go exploring.  They find what looks like clear wind chimes hanging from a tree, and when the Doctor hits them, they make some noise.  Adric, being Adric, hits them some more, but then the two men push on and fail to notice something about the chimes put Tegan to sleep.

This planet seems to put women to sleep for some reason.

You know, a better Doctor might have…actually, not noticing she dropped out of the group right away is pretty par on the course for most Doctors, so I won’t say anything more than that.

What I will say is the Doctor and Adric find some kind of metallic one-man car sitting in the middle of the jungle, and Adric being a punkass can’t resist playing with it.  And once the thing turns on, it holds the two men at gunpoint and forces them back to some kind of military base in the middle of the jungle.  It seems some humans are looking to make a colony of this planet, and a military expedition went there first.  But some members of the group disappeared, so it’s down to three now:  officious and boisterous old man Sanders, obviously-losing-it security guy Hindle, and a woman scientist named Dr. Todd who seems to be the only person in there keeping her cool in the building.

Well, maybe.  There are also two Kinda men.  They sit silently in their cell.

Now, Sanders believes in rules, but he’s friendly enough.  Todd and the Doctor talk science.  She thinks the Kinda may be telepathic and a lot more sophisticated than they appear to be what with their double helix neckwear.

But then there’s Hindle.  And he seems to be…connected for some reason to the Kinda hostages.

Point is, when Sanders heads out, after a suggestion from Adric, to do some exploring, Hindle goes nuts and pulls a weapon on Todd, Adric, and the Doctor.

Oh, and Tegan’s mind is lost on some sort of astral plane where a  pale white jackass with a snake tattoo won’t let her go back to her body unless he takes her with him.  She’s saying no, but he pulled up another Tegan and they have to agree which one is real, so that probably won’t end well.

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