Hunters “The Pious Thieves”

Oh cool!  It’s John Noble as a morally dubious banker!

As much as this show’s tone is all over the place, I do like that guy in just about everything.

See, the Hunters got a safety deposit key, and they know which bank it came from.  So, around a framing device where Meyer goes to talk to Noble’s dubious banker, the Hunters decide to break into the bank and find out what’s hidden in there.

True, Jonah is staying with Meyer now, and the other Hunters don’t really want him around, especially Sister Harriet, the world’s least pleasant nun.  But she does add some backstory about Jonah’s grandma and her interaction with the Wolf, the Nazi Doctor the group is hunting for.

But there’s a few problems.  Mindy goes in for a scouting mission, but there’s no deposit box with the same number as the key the group got.  Harriet somehow managed to get the bank’s blueprints, and the vault room looks like it has an extra room, but how can the Hunters rob a bank with that much of a state of the art security system, especially on the special Nazi room?

Well, simple:  rob the rest of the bank.  Lonny can charm the key off the bank manager–she wasn’t a fan but her husband was and we probably shouldn’t ask for more information than that–and he and Harriet can trick their way into what looks like a regular bank robbery while the others investigate the safety deposit box room.  Jonah comes in handy first by not listening when Joe tells him to stay in the van, then by clobbering the guard that got the drop on Joe, and then finally noticing something with his freaky mental memory game that the room is smaller than it should be and which wall is the false one.

And then it turns out there’s a secret room under the vault full of jewelry, artwork, and basically every valuable the Nazis took from the Jews.

Yeah, Meyer was seeing Dubious Bank Guy about that.

So, cool heist.

Then again, there were other things happening in this episode involving MIllie and Biff, but maybe I was just impressed by the heist.  Plus, Jonah proved his worth to the group…possibly.  I’m sure someone will be complaining about him again next episode.

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