Doctor Who. “Four To Doomsday Part 4”

Well, the Doctor is about to be decapitated.  Will Adric realize who the bad guy is here yet?

Nah!  He’s still a dumbass!

Fortunately, Nyssa isn’t. She used the Doctor’s pencil and sonic screwdriver to deactivate a couple of the robots.  Granted, she can only take out one at a time and Persuasion steps forward to stop her quickly before taking everything the Doctor has on him.  And this Doctor apparently only has a couple odds and ends and Persuasion even gives a couple of them back.

But then he’s about to shoot the Doctor when Adric jumps in front of him, and Monarch, well, he needs Adric alive, so the Doctor can live.

For now.

So, this means Adric is back on the ride side?

Nope!  He talks to Monarch, says he’s going to convince the Doctor and Nyssa to play along.  And the Doctor…agrees.


Maybe because Monarch had Nyssa taken away again.

And sure, the Doctor keeps talking about joining up with Monarch once he and Adric get back to the sleep room, even taking his hat off the drone camera.  Monarch, for his part, orders another entertainment, and the Doctor goes down there with Adric.

And that’s where he gives Adric a good telling-off, using logic to point out that Monarch only wants a living youth there to convince humans to play along, how despots like Monarch don’t really want to share anything, and the Doctor’ll share his plan with Adric if Adric sides against Monarch as he should.  Adric does, and I guess all is forgiven, but methinks the home audience won’t be so forgiving.

Anyway, with all this in mind, the Doctor sees Bigon, but Bigon had his intelligence chip removed so he’s just another mindless drone.  That means he needs to fix Bigon, and that means going down to the robotics room where the Chinese folks are working.  And from there, the Doctor manages to convince the Chinese guy to help out by pointing out, quite accurately, that Monarch is not going to share.

From there, they manage to smuggle Bigon out of the entertainment room by smuggling him out under one of the Chinese dragons.  And once Bigon is down in the robotics room, where Nyssa was being held, he can be fixed and the Doctor can move on to the next stage of his plan.

That would be doing a zero gravity space walk to the TARDIS.  Tegan didn’t get very far.  The TARDIS is floating off to the side of Monarch’s ship.  The Doctor says a Time Lord can, with just a simple air supply, survive in the vacuum for six minutes.

Adric, in a full spacesuit, will anchor the Doctor to Monarch’s ship while he floats over to the TARDIS and gets inside.  So, that works, right?  Despite the show’s low budget?

Not right away!  Monarch figures out what’s going on and sends Persuasion to stop them.  Persuasion does manage to subdue Adric, but the Doctor comes back, rips out Persuasion’s chip, and tosses it out the airlock.  So, that guy’s more or less dead.  It also means the Doctor can get all his stuff back.

Oh, and Enlightenment comes by and Adric does the same thing to her.

Of course, the rope the Doctor was using wasn’t long enough, so he has to use a ball he has, bouncing it off Monarch’s ship, and then catching it to get the momentum to get over to the TARDIS.

That’s…actually some good science.  Sort of.  Monarch’s ship is still moving, so…

Once inside, the Doctor and Tegan…return to the recreation room, where all the drones are putting on their cultural shows at the same time.  Now, there is some good news in that Bigon and the Chinese guy can convince the other two leaders to switch sides as well.  The truth always does that.

Of course, Monarch actually stands up to deal with things himself.  He meets the Doctor outside the TARDIS, but the Doctor and Tegan manage to slip away.  They go back to the robotics room, find Nyssa and Adric, and put on their own oxygen tanks to get back because Monarch turned off the life support like the dick that he is.  Once outfitted, the four head back to the TARDIS, carrying Monarch’s special poison in a canister with them.

So, when Monarch tries to block the Doctor, the Doctor just tosses the canister at him.  And then Monarch…shrinks down to a small size the Doctor can trap under a helmet.

So, the threat ended, the robots decide to go find their own planet and do some exploring and the Doctor promises to get Tegan back to her job on time.

You know, unless something comes up.

Like Nyssa suddenly passing out.

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