Doctor Who “Four To Doomsday Part 3”

Oh Adric…you little asshole…

See, Adric really earns his “most hated companion” title in this serial.  He and Nyssa were taken away by Monarch at the same time the Greek philosopher Bigon explains to Tegan and the Doctor what’s going on.  And, well, Monarch does the same for Adric and Nyssa, and the stories aren’t even all that different.

See, Monarch and his people destroyed their own planet.  Mostly they go back and forth between Earth, collecting natives, and using their technology to keep themselves alive as androids.  The bodies are robotic, and there is a chip inside each that records memories and thoughts, allowing the bodies to go on living for, well, all time or so.  And yes, Monarch isn’t planning on sharing the Earth,  He has a special poison that can apparently reduce any organic being down to something the size of a grain of salt.

Does Monarch share that part with the younger members of the group?  Nope!  He talks about his fabulous technology makes everyone healthier and stuff.  Oh, and he doesn’t exactly hide the fact most of the human-robots on the ship are mindless slaves.  Only Bigon and the other three leaders have retained their personalities.

And while the Doctor, Tegan, and Nyssa all realize this is awful and just a form of slavery, Adric…thinks it sounds great.  He says the technology sounds awesome and he’d be glad to help Monarch work out a deal with the Doctor.  Even when Nyssa reminds him that, you know, a similar dictator in the form of the Master killed her father and she’s not overly trusting of people like that, Adric still decides he knows better and continues to share too much information with Monarch about stuff like, you know, the TARDIS, the Master, the Time Lords, and so forth.

Oh, and Monarch’s ultimate goal is to make his ship faster than the speed of light so he can go back to before the Big Bang and say hello to himself.

No, really.

Well, Adric is playing along, so he goes off to find the Doctor in the room the Doctor is blocking.  Tegan wants to get back to the TARDIS and warn the Earth, but the Doctor kinda points out no one would really believe them.

That’s…rather true, actually.

Anyway, he tells her to stay in the safe room while he and Bigon explore the ship to find some way to stop Monarch, using the sonic screwdriver to screw up all the cameras as they go.

Of course, doing so tells Monarch exactly where Bigon and the Doctor are at all times by following which cameras short out.

And, of course, by then they took Nyssa off to become another android.

That ends up being a somewhat fortunate thing because when Bigon’s tour ends in the robotics room, well, I may be getting ahead of myself.  See, two things happen.

First, the Doctor learns that Bigon is the only human leader that may help because they were promised dominion over their own individual races and Bigon, coming from a democracy, isn’t comfortable with that.  And that’s the case when the Chinese fellow alerts Monarch of what’s going on, causing Monarch to send forces to arrest the Doctor and Bigon.

As for Adric, he really wants to find the Doctor but finds Tegan instead.  And while he insists Monarch is good, Tegan knows better.  And she’s going to get to the TARDIS and go for help.  Can Adric stop her?  I mean, the Doctor gave her the key, and he is being a bit of a sexist idiot, but surely they can work out something?

Nah, she knocks him out and heads for the TARDIS, a machine she navigated once before.  Heck, she even eventually gets it to go…somewhere.

Monarch sees all that and concludes anyone can pilot the thing.

OK, he actually says “any fool,” so he clearly deserves whatever happens to him.

Well, by then, Bigon and the Doctor find Nyssa in the robot room and get her out before stage two (kill the body) starts.  She then has an idea to maybe help if she can borrow the Doctor’s pencil and sonic screwdriver.  That would be about when Adric shows up with his nonsense, even saying how Tegan swiped the TARDIS.

Adric sucks.

Then again, Perusasion comes by to arrest Bigon and the Doctor, and the episode ends with a Greek solider getting ready to take the Doctor’s head off as Bigon is led away to be disassembled.  So, maybe Adric learned his lesson.

You know, after he shared way too much with Monarch.

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