Doctor Who “Four To Doomsday Part 2”

Well, these Urbankans seem polite enough.

So, you know they must be up to no good.

At the very least, they are up to something strange.  Like, how did Persuasion and Enlightenment change to some sort of human form based on Tegan’s drawings so quickly?  Or, you know, at all?  Nyssa thinks it has something to do with science while Adric wonders at the math of everything involved.when the Urbankans mention that their homeworld was destroyed by solar activity or a black hole or whatnot and as a result, all two billion or so of their race are on the ship somewhere.

The Doctor, meanwhile, makes a mental note of how “Enlightenment” and “Persuasion” are not their names, but their titles.  As in, they’re the Ministers of Enlightenment and Persuasion.

Yeah, nothing at all disturbing there.

But since everyone is going to Earth, the Urbankans decide to give the Doctor and his companions a ride to Earth.  They’ll be there in about four days.  That’s probably not enough time for Tegan to catch her flight, but what do I know?

As it is, the Urbankans have the Greek philosopher Bigon take the four to a place where they can rest.  It’s a large room where Bigon would normally sleep, but he says he doesn’t need to, and that he’s been on the ship for a thousand or so generations.  That doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense, particularly to Adric who is becoming more and more of a punk-ass snot.

It doesn’t sit well with Monarch either because he thinks Bigon has said too much.  He also doesn’t like it when people suggest the Doctor might be smarter than he is.  Bigon, meanwhile, says he will not tell lies no matter how grateful he is for the immortality Monarch gave him.

So, what is the Doctor to do?  Well, the door for the room he’s in closed behind him, so he’ll need to look around.  First, he uses his hat to block the vision for the probe eye.  Then he can use the sonic screwdriver and another device to block out the sound of any conversation he and his friends have.  The screwdriver is mostly to unlock the door.  Plus, the Doctor realizes the Earth might not be big enough for all these Urbankans and the humans that already live there.

As it is, Monarch has a plan there too.  He sets up to distract the Doctor to prevent further snooping while sidetracking the younger two because he wants to corrupt one of them and isn’t too particular on which one.

That means Adric and Nyssa get separated from Tegan and the Doctor while they enjoy a show from the people on the ship.  That means dancing for the Mayans and Aborigines, a Chinese dragon display from the Mandarins, and a gladiator combat from the Greeks.

That combat thing looks a bit more Roman than anything else.

Eh, never mind.  When one of the men is stabbed through, Tegan protests, but Bigon already had a plan.  Tegan’s protests and the Doctor faking an injury means they can slip away for a private conversation.

Meanwhile, Adric and Nyssa find different rooms.  The Aborigines are tending a garden.  The Greeks are running computers.  The Chinese are working with…is that robotics?

Oddly enough, the two youngsters find these folks are generally oblivious to the two of them.  Also, they’re cold to the touch.  And they only really react when Nyssa tries to get something off a guy’s hand.  And they work without oxygen in some rooms (good thing that Adric and Nyssa brought their space helmets).  How odd.  Oh, and the guy who got shish-kabobbed in the combat exposition walks in and lies down, looking fine.

There’s a good reason for that, as demonstrated by Bigon to the Doctor and Tegan.  He says its because those plants Adric and Nyssa found are the only organic life on the ship.  Then he opens up his chest and removes his face because Bigon is a freakin’ robot.

That explains a few things.  But not all of them.

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