Doctor Who “Four To Doomsday Part 1”

Well, now that he’s got his brain all sorted out, what is this new Doctor going to get up to next?

Oh, he’s going to try and take Tegan back to Earth so she can start her new job.  That’s actually rather considerate of him…

Yes, landing the TARDIS precisely anywhere has always been a bit tricky, but it is a time machine, so taking her back to the very time and place she needs to be shouldn’t be too hard.

But this is the TARDIS and it tends to go where it needs to go and not where the Doctor wants it to go.  Or, in this case, where Adric wants it to go, and is it me or is he being something of a jerk-ass punk right now?  I mean, people make math mistakes, but you wouldn’t know it to hear Adric say so.  What a punk…

OK, never mind that now.  We have bigger fish to fry since the TARDIS came to a stop inside a large spacecraft that, at least, seems to be going to Earth,  The atmosphere outside is a little toxic, but the Doctor has a helmet to put on and…wait, just a helmet?  That can’t work, can it?

Well, it does.  And he finds some stuff outside the TARDIS.  There’s some advanced computer equipment he can probably use to fix the TARDIS up a bit.  Oh, there’s also some kind of probe thing floating above his head watching him, but the Doctor doesn’t seem to mind.

The three voices coming from other parts of the ship?  The ones that talk in smug superiority about the humans who suddenly invaded their ship?  That’s another story, and they seem like jerks.  That is especially true when you consider they clearly don’t know Nyssa, Adric, and the Doctor aren’t from Earth.  So, really, Tegan’s the only human among the four of them.  And really, Tegan just wants to go home and catch a plane, maybe mourn for that aunt of hers who died of chronic shrinking, that sort of thing.

However, the Doctor goes off to look around with Tegan, leaving Nyssa and Adric behind, and Adric is being a punk-ass jerk, complaining about women not appreciating the right things, but Nyssa does only Nyssa is a girl, not a woman, and I think I am really beginning to see why the fans hated this guy so much.

Point is, while Adric is getting something from the TARDIS, Nyssa goes off with an old man in a toga.  The Doctor and Tegan, meanwhile, meet the three green-skinned aliens who seem to run the ship.  Their leader is named Monarch, and the other two are a female named Enlightenment and a male named Persuasion.

Those names sound like they could easily belong to dicks.  They aren’t members of the Endless, you know.

Anyway, they grill the pair on Earth, even asking Tegan if her stewardess uniform is standard Earth attire.  She says no and sketches standard clothes for a man and a woman in 1982 or so.  Then Adric shows up, complaining that his math is never wrong and it was probably the ship’s magnetic pull that knocked the TARDIS off-course, and, oh yeah, Nyssa is missing.  The Doctor and Tegan join Adric to go looking for Nyssa, and Monarch gives his two sidekicks a bit of a look.

Can he be the Monarch from The Venture Brothers?  Because that would be hilarious.

Anyway, the others find Nyssa having a meal with the old man in a toga.  He’s Greek.  From, like, ancient Greek.  And there are representatives of other ancient cultures there, too, namely a silent Mayan princess, a Chinese man, and an Australian Aborigine who is the only one not speaking exclusively in English but rather is own native language.  Tegan is Australian and knows the language in the sort of logic that would make sense if I spoke Navajo.  Which I don’t.

Oh, and then Persuasion and Enlightenment walk in, looking exactly like the sketches Tegan.

This place is gonna be creepy, isn’t it?

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