YouTube Selection: An Awesome MCU Supercut

Given there’s a lot of uncertainty out there at the moment, I’m trying to use this space to show some cool or awesome stuff that has nothing to do with whatever is going on outside our homes that is keeping so many of us inside our homes.

To that end, here’s a supercut from one Gugga Leunnam of MCU action scenes.

Gugga Leunnam here took all of the existing MCU movies from the first Iron Man all the way up to Spider-Man:  Far From Home to make this supercut.It’s rather cool, showing one fight scene blend into another as characters use similar moves, and it’s just a reminder how generally fun even the weaker MCU outings have been.

Oh, and this looks to be the fifth one that Gugga Leunnam has made, so maybe check out the previous four while you’re at it.  This guy has a lot of talent for what he does.

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