Doctor Who “Castrovalva Part 2”

So, when last I saw the TARDIS, the Doctor was trying to recover from a bad regeneration in the Zero Room while his ship was about to fall into the Big Bang, killing everyone onboard while the Master holds Adric hostage.

Yeah, that sounds about right.  The Master really needs to find a better hobby.

Fortunately, all the heated hydrogen wakes the Doctor up.  It seems the high heat can temporarily focus his mind long enough to give Tegan some directions on how to provide the TARDIS with the thrust necessary to blast it away from the Big Bang and keep everyone alive.

That seems to work.  She just had to jettison 25% of the interior rooms.  Nyssa can then take the Doctor back to the Zero Room to finish recovering.

Oh wait, no she can’t.  The Zero Room was among the random 25% of the ship that got chucked.  Sure, the Doctor can give Nyssa some directions to build a makeshift one out of spare TARDIS walls, but that’s about all.

Fortunately, the TARDIS’s database lists planets where the calming nature of the place can do much the same as the Zero Room if not better.  And there’s one nearby named Castrovalva.  And that would be where our title came from.  Peaceful place, not much technology.  It’d be perfect.  And by now, Tegan has mostly figured out how to navigate the TARDIS.  That’s a handy trick for someone who is neither a Time Lord or Adric because Adric is special.

I don’t really hate Adric, at least not yet, but that sure is fun.

Anyway, they land on the planet and she climbs a tree and spots the castle of Castrovalva.  Since the Doctor is mostly levitating inside his Zero Chamber, and they found a wheelchair, it isn’t too difficult for the two women to tote the Doctor in the general direction of Castrovalva.

And yes, there are weird natives on this planet, but we’ll worry about them later.

For now, we can worry that the Doctor sometimes stops levitating inside the chamber, and the women set the suddenly-heaviier chamber aside to scout ahead.  Castrovalva looks to be impossible to climb up to, but the real problem is when they come back.

See, there’s some blood on the ground and the Doctor is missing.

That’s bad.

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