Doctor Who “Castrovalva Part 1”

So, as I worked on this watch, I did learn a bit about the general personalities of most of the various incarnations of the Doctor.  The one big mystery was Peter Davison’s Fifth Doctor.  I’ve since learned that was sort of deliberate.  The series’s producers at the time focused a lot on the Fifth Doctor’s outer appearance while multiple writers working separately tried to figure out what his adventures were.  The end result there was Davison had to more or less figure his character’s interior out on his own.  His Doctor was, basically, still a heroic figure, but his clothes and boyish appearance made him basically a nice young man in the upperclass sports uniform of a cricket player.  He was a youthful gentleman in the mold of,say, the protagonists of Chariots of Fire.  

Plus, Davison came in not only as a fan of the show from his own childhood, but he was the first Doctor to actually be played by a recognizable TV actor and not some unknown.

But first, he needs to finish regenerating.

Regeneration does tend to result in some levels of disorientation.  Most new Doctors need an episode or two to get their minds settled into whatever they’re going to be, and it looks like the changeover is a bit more serious than it usually is.  For now, it looks like Tegan, Nyssa, and Adric need to get the Doctor into the TARDIS.  Sure, some cops try to stop them, but Tegan makes the most of it by steeling an ambulance while Adric gets arrested.

And then the Master appears to rescue Adric.

OK, so, the Master is being evil, and this time it looks like he decided to stop playing with the Doctor and just kill him.  The Adric in the TARDIS is a construct of some kind while the real Adric is being held on the Master’s TARDIS.  The Doctor needs to get to the Zero Room to finish healing up.

So, this Doctor does get a new costume, even symbolically unraveling the Fourth Doctor’s long scarf.  And it turns out that since Davison himself was a longtime fan of the show, he can at times show his character’s confusion by channeling the previous actors.  We see the Fourth Doctor’s eccentricity, the Third Doctor’s confidence, the Second Doctor’s childishness, and the First Doctor’s pompousness.  Heck, some of them are passable impressions too.

Now, the Doctor stays with it long enough to get to the Zero Room to start some meditation.  He even has tasks for the companions that make sense.  Tegan is to organize things and take charge.  Nyssa can run the TARDIS.  And Adric can do some math stuff since he’s good at math.

He’s also not on the TARDIS.  The Master still has him.  See above.  The double programmed the TARDIS to fly into the Big Bang where it would, uh, go bang.

That’s not a good thing for a new Doctor to have to take care of.  He better heal up soon.  He has three more seasons and a 20th anniversary special to appear in.

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