Comic Review: Chew Volume 11

The last series I promised I’d finish this calendar year is Chew.  I kept saying I wanted to finish it, so I might as well.  It’s been something of a favorite, a series I always enjoy.

So, yeah, here I am with some thoughts on the next-to-last trade, Volume 11, subtitled The Last Suppers.

The previous volume saw Tony use his skills and eating-based powers to defeat the Vampire, one of three cibopaths in the world.  The other, Mason Savoy, has been investigating the mysterious Chicken Flu that happened before the series began.  With the Vampire defeated and the final ten issues starting up in this trade, it’s time to finish off explaining what the heck has been going on with chicken, alien fruits, and everything else, plus settle up what happened in the final page of the previous volume, a dark omen of things to come that, well…let’s just say it doesn’t turn out as promised.

So, really, this volume has Savoy starting to reveal what he learned to Tony, but Tony has absolutely no desire to learn anything from his former partner, a man who did a lot of bad things, some of them to Tony himself.  And…the whole thing felt like padding.  This one, unlike previous volumes, didn’t seem to tell a complete story so much as set up the first half of one, ending on an ominous cliffhanger that Tony may have to do something he’s been refusing to do, but there may be more going on than meets the eye.  And…I’m not sure I liked this volume as much as the others.  So, I’m hoping the next (and last) one ends the series on a high note.  But, I’ll just have to wait and see, presumably soon since I have that one in my unread trade stack.

Why did this one turn out this way for me?  I’m not entirely sure.  It’s not like John Layman’s script or Rob Guillory’s artwork really slipped.  The story just felt incomplete, and like the wheels were spinning.

Also, this trade featured the Chew half of the Revival crossover, and as much as I like Revival, if there’s a more mismatched pair in terms of tone and story style than those two Image books, I don’t know what is.

So, for this one, let’s say 7.5 out of 10 unexpected dinosaur attacks.

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