Lost In Space “Scarecrow”

So I got…very confused over which Robot was being held inside the Resolute.  I did figure it out, but I thought, given the previous episode, that it was SAR.

But no, this one is called Scarecrow by a no-doubt awful guy named Hastings.

It’s called Scarecrow because it doesn’t have a brain.  Now, you might think there’s more to this Robot than just that, and you’d be right.  See, the Christmas meteor that started the series with the Earth getting a nuclear winter wasn’t a meteor.  It was a spaceship, and the Robot was the pilot.

He was then changed into the pilot for the Resolute because that was the only way to get the alien engine that ran the thing to work.  That all was top secret, but the shady guys at the top decided to share that with John and Maureen because, well, they knew a lot already.  Why not tell them?

That leads to a split of the family.  John, Judy, and Don are going down to the planet’s surface.  John needs to work with the people there to get things under control until the Resolute can be repaired.  Judy needs to join the medical interns.  And Don has to go back to work.

Truth be told, it sure does look like John is the only one in anything resembling a good situation.  Judy is doing menial work after lots of actual medical doctoring stuff.  And Don, well, his co-workers think he deserted and one punches him out.

Back on the Resolute, Penny is dealing with Will’s groupies (seriously), Smith is pulling another con while poisoning the guy asking her questions, and Maureen seems…checked out.  Will is asked to talk to the Robot again, but it, uh, doesn’t seem to like him anymore if for no other reason than it is kept in a cage and hit with electric shocks as a means of communication,  And that’s just not cool, man.

Now, Will does get through to the Robot later and gets a flash of it on the planet’s surface, but…wait, which Robot is in the cage?  And which one is on the planet?

Oh, but there’s something else going on down there.  The Resolute needs water.  Water is hard to come by on the planet’s surface, but John is there drilling for it, and something keeps going wrong down in the deep hole they’ve dug.  Don can’t get a chariot to run, and Judy notices something.

The water caused a woman’s titanium ring to fall apart.

Well, she does some quick thinking.  John is stuck in the hole when the equipment disintegrates, but he seems to be OK, and it does give us something to look for in the next episode.  The bigger issue is a Jupiter is about to take more of that water back to the Resolute and that…would not be good.  Fortunately, Don stops the ship, but John is still stuck in a hole.

So, really, this is another crap planet from the looks of things.  Maybe they’ll find a better one someday.

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