Altered Carbon “Bury Me Dead”

OK, so, I assumed that Carrera was referring to the Kovacs clone last week by the name “the Wedge,” but that was what he was calling the unit working with the clone.  So, you know, corrections and all that.

Then again, I still don’t quite know what to call the clone to distinguish him from the Kovacs we’ve been following all along.

To be fair, it doesn’t look like Quell does either at first.  The clone goes up to her, claiming the Kovacs he threw off a cliff was an enemy, and he’s the real one.  Quell seems to buy that as the other soliders come up close, but the clone guy…let’s call him Kovacs Prime like Wikipedia does…he’s in the way, and she says something about a weapon nearby that Carrera would really like. So, off Quell and Prime go underground, to the tunnels where Reileen had cloned and tortured her for a few centuries, surrounded by these weird tree roots.

Is Prime starting to feel for Quell?

Looks that way.

Moot point.  The other Kovacs, he’s not dead.  Being in a military-caliber sleeve means he has reflexes to keep him alive even when he’s unconscious, and he’s holding on by one hand on a sheer cliff.  Trepp manages to show up, lower a rope, and pull him up.  And sure, he’s hurt, unarmed, and there are heavily-armed soldiers over there, he’s going to rescue Quell because that’s what he does.  Trepp comes along, and they manage to take out some soldiers before the Uprising shows up.  That would be the old rebellion Quell founded ages ago.

So, that’s good news, right?  Well, not really.  They don’t really know Kovacs.  Either of them.  Quell, it should be noted, knew Prime was lying the whole time.  He had Kovacs’s face, but lacked the right look in his eyes.

Now, the Uprising ain’t dumb.  They opt to tie everyone up, test Quell in a way only an Envoy could pass (she does), and then gives an inspiring speech which seems to win Prime over to her side.  Trepp is allowed to run around loose, but she’s a bounty hunter looking for the brother who disappeared after joining the Uprising.

And that’s when other things come out, notably with Governor Harlan.  See, the Uprising isn’t fighting her.  It works for her.

She sucks.

Oh, and she has Carrera arrested, but he also sucks, so I don’t much care about him.  He’s a dick.

Well, turns out betraying the Uprising, even when it doesn’t really exist, is one of Quell’s buttons, but there’s one other problem:  more soldiers on their way, and even with two Kovacs and a cyborg bounty hunter, they aren’t getting out of this without a miracle.

Wait, is that fire coming out of the sky?  Quell’s screaming, Trepp ain’t looking too good, but that Angelfire stuff seems to wipe out a whole platoon of Protectorate Soldiers, including the blonde woman who didn’t wear the protective headgear so we could see her face.

Sure, the helmet wouldn’t have protected her from the fire from the sky, but it would have been much smarter to wear it anyway.  Protective head gear is important, folks.

Oh, also it may be a bad thing that Quell can sort of conjure fire from the sky, even if she didn’t seem to want to and it hurt her quite a bit to do that.

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