Voltron: Legendary Defender “Defender Of All Universes”

So, let’s see.  Lotor got a fancy robo-mech that comes from three ships and he pilots the thing alone.  Voltron is formed from five ships and has five pilots all working together.  The math suggests Lotor is toast.

Or, you know, it would if the math actually worked out in the Paladin’s favor.  But Lotor’s Voltron knock-off (Lotron?) is faster and stronger.  Plus, he’s a psycho who thinks he’s doing this all to set up a new Altaea.  Since he personally killed a lot of those people, I think his plan is probably going to be a bad one.

But Keith is running the show on the other side now, and he’s got some confidence unlike last time.  After shipping an unconscious Shiro off to the Castle of Lions, he…lets Voltron get smacked around a bit before coming up with a better plan, namely letting Lotor attack Voltron when the Paladins have their backs literally up against a large asteroid, then get out of the way when Lotor charges and blasting him with Voltron’s best energy weapons all at once.

That almost works!


Lotor’s bot has one other power Voltron seems to lack:  teleportation to the quintessence field, a place that supercharges his bot and allows him to zap back and forth between dimensions, smacking Voltron left and right in all kinds of painful-looking ways.

Well, if Lotor can do it, so can Voltron, and from here the rest of the episode becomes the Allura Uses Her Magical Princess Powers half-hour show.  First, she uses them to open a portal to the quintessence dimension.  And once there, Voltron starts giving the Paladins all kinds of new skills and powers.  Rocket Punch!  Flaming Sword!  Probably something involving massive explosives!  Sure, neither giant bot seems to be stopping the other, but then Allura realizes there’s something wrong as the others get a lot more aggressive.

See, sticking around in the quintessence field will just corrupt the Paladins the same way it did Zarkon and Haggar.  Possibly Lotor too, but he seemed pretty bad to begin with.  Anyway, the only thing to do then is go back to the regular universe, but first, they have to stop Lotor with the most potent beam Voltron has, and it looks like Lotor disintegrates and…

Wait, is Lotor dead?  Who’s the Big Bad going forward?  We still have two seasons of this show left…

Never mind.  It’s probably Haggar.  Anyway, Voltron goes back, but it turns out popping back and forth between dimensions and firing powerful energy blasts in the place where all life energy comes from isn’t good for the rest of the universe.  That’s, like, the lesson on Day Two for a good Paladin.  Rifts start opening up, and those’ll destroy all of creation everywhere if the Paladins can’t close the gap.  Pidge has some plans, but they need a lot of power.

The Castle has that power, but only if it opens a wormhole inside one of the rifts, effectively both sealing the rifts and destroying the castle.  Coran knows how to do that, but it’s a sad moment.  There also isn’t much time.  They got people to pick up.  Keith gets Shiro, his mom, and that cool cosmic wolf.  Pidge some puffball things and a lot of computer stuff.  Hunk gets the food while Lance brings the cow along.  Allura, she has the mice and all the Altaeans.

The castle goes boom, the rifts close, and then Allura uses her Magic Princess Powers to pull Shrio’s essence out of the Black Lion and put it back into his body, making his hair white but reviving him.  Well, that’s something.  Anything else to do?

Well, it seems Pidge’s father has all the existing back-up plans for a new Castle of Lions, so the Paladins are going to Earth next.

That could be fun as the seasons go back to 13 episodes each for the last two.

Though honestly, this episode still feels almost like it could be a series finale instead of a season one.  Sure, Haggar is still out there, but she hasn’t exactly been shown to be the sort of threat Zarkon and Lotor were.

Meaning I’m sure she’s a lot scarier than she’s appeared to be so far.

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